Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Bye, Tina, I'm gonna miss you!

Well, Tina the lab pup has gone home. The time went soooo fast! Puppies are rather like young grandkids, I expect - their boundless energy requires constant mental alertness and physical activity, and as much as they are loveable and bring joy and laughter to the household, it is somewhat of a relief to send them home to their parents. The silence in the house tonight - or rather, the stillness - is amazing.

Tina, you were a hoot. Anything you did "wrong" was all my fault - for leaving a sock where you could get it, or forgetting to close the bedroom door, or being so focused on my computer that I forgot you were in the house looking for things to do. Damage: one de-threaded carpet, two chewed up socks, one missing drawer knob, one chewed up bra, one trashed mini-blind, one leash chewed into two pieces...... and one broken heart as I say goodbye.

And what were the rewards? Ten days of fun, ten days of laughter and puppy cuddles and humungous paws thwacking at my arm, ten days of soft labby ears to stroke and big brown labby eyes to fall in love with, ten days of remembering the fun I had raising Emma....and a lifetime of warm fuzzies from a relationship forged with a pup.

For a five month old pup, Tina, you were a wonderful guest. I loved having you here. Come again soon.

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Malahoot said...

Ah puppies... they drive you completely insane but oh how ya miss them when they are gone lol!