Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Becky visits the farm

My granddog Becky has been staying with me the last few days while my daughter and son-in-law take visiting relatives to the beautiful beaches of Tofino. Becky is a senior border collie/australian shepherd cross who was adopted this past April from Vancouver Animal Shelter.

Like any new parent, my daughter fretted about her baby and gave me a list of instructions for her care. Becky came with her vet records, her bed and blankie and favourite toy, her brush, her leash, her car seatbelt, a good supply of her food and treats, and her own set of "house rules" - the behaviours they expect of her and the commands she understands. Becky had visited me a few times already and so was familiar with the sights and sounds and smells of life on the farm and with my three dogs, and she settled right in.

Becky is such a great dog - more proof that rescue and shelter dogs, when carefully matched with potential applicants, are absolutely the best, best, best companion animals imaginable. And she is a wonderful house guest - she doesn't bark or whine, she comes when called, she only gets up on the couch or bed by invitation, she is respectful of the other animals (though the cat needs to learn not to race down the hall if she doesn't want to attract Becky's attention!), she loves a good game of fetch and she enjoys a cuddle.

She would like Grandma Jean to learn how to throw a frisbee properly (sorry Becks!) and Grandma Jean would like her to learn not to pull on the leash so much (ouch, my shoulder!).

Here's pics of my granddog during her visit this week:

Becky and Charley in the pasture

Martin's not the least perturbed by the quiet, sweet Becky

"I see you there, Grandma!"

"I'm ignoring yoouuuuuu!"

Happy Becky

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Anonymous said...

Becky looks like she realy enjoyed her holiday at the farm.
Becky grandma will practice the frisbee through for your next visit.LOL
Jean I hope you have better luck than I did. My throughs go every which way but where they are supposed to.