Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tina's Tips for Home Management, Contemporary Decor, and Healthy Living

Tina, the neighbour's five month old lab who is staying with me while they enjoy a vacation with the grandparents, has two speeds - Fast Forward and Stop. Nothing in between.

She reminds me so much of my Emma - exact same colouring except for Tina's mascara-dark eyelashes and darker nose, same wiggle-butt happiness where everything in life is an adventure and everyone a potential friend. I'm thankful the owners crate-trained her; she is still learning that little arthritic dogs cannot be flattened with big labby paws and at least with the crate I can safely sleep at night.

Tina has a unique perspective on the world - she has very interesting ideas about what my home should look like and how one should live one's life. So here, with illustrations, are Tina's Tips:

Keep everything handy – toys, underwear, socks and teeshirts belong on the floor where you can grab them at a moment’s notice . If family members have put things in the hamper, make yourself useful by moving them closer to the washing machine:

That box that contains the new baby gate can keep the baby busy while you put the gate together:

And recycle the box! But remember, it’s best to tear the cardboard into little tiny pieces to reduce the space needed in the recycle bin:

Teeth can be used to open drawers if you lack opposable thumbs:

And the tongue is a useful tool for cleaning those tricky patio door frames:

Bathroom tissue makes an excellent floor runner. For quickest and best results, just grab one end and run with it until the roll is fully extended:

Add your personal touch to window coverings: I call these “White Trashed Mini-Blinds":

Walking on a freshly painted white picnic table with muddy paws makes for an interesting, unique, and personalized design:

Good fences make good neighbours :

Protect those things that bring you comfort:

Find a mentor to help guide your life's journey:

When life threatens to trip you up, slow down and think a bit :

Play hard:

Get plenty of rest.... matter where you are (just watch out for the wheels on the office chairs!) :

And always, always, always end the day cuddling a good friend:


mike said...

Jean, where is the picture of you at the end of each day???????

these made me laugh soo hard and they brought back wonderful memories of my Nero Wolfe

Shihtzu Staff said...

OMG, what a cutie. But the size of those feet. Holy crap she is going to be a big girl!

Anonymous said...

LOLLLLLLL I laughed out loud when i got to the mini blinds and it too remidned me of an old friend.

That dog is having the time of his life with you Jean!!


Karen & Mike said...

The white-trashed mini-blind taste in window treatments must be a retriever thing. Jasper, our golden retriever has given the blinds in our guest room the same look.

Anonymous said...

Jean I laughed so hard I cried. Yup that's a puppy for you and I am sure Tina has been comunicating with Sophie's and Hugo's on the computer while we were asleep about how to be a puppy. LOL
Thank goD they DO eventually grow up.