Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sadie, world's best grandma-dog!

Grandma Sadie and pupster Tina

Well, I was working on a story about life at my house over the past couple of days with a certain five month old lab puppy in residence - Tina, my neighbour's dog who is staying with me while they are on vacation. I took about a hundred pictures, I thought of a number of catchy titles, and I started to write the story. Let's just say that the story has something to do with ..ummmm....a pup's sense of interior decorating.

However, keeping up with Tina, selling raffle tickets (hint, hint, keep those orders coming......I'm almost sold out of the 3/$10 but there's still a bunch of five dollar single tickets left!), keeping pigs watered and cool, and trying to write a textbook review I'm committed to turn in to the publisher early next week....well, the pictures didn't get edited, the story isn't finished, and my brain and body are decidedly exhausted. So I'll save that story for another day.

Instead, I'll share with you a series of shots of Tina, The Energizer Puppy, with Sadie, my newest senior rescue and the most solid, stable tempermentally-sound collie cross imaginable. Sadie is like the proverbial grandma who is always patient with the little ones. Every now and then, when Junior gets out of hand, she displays a firm paw and a stern voice and pup immediately listens. The perfect sitter. The perfect grandma for a rambunctious pup. Now if I could only teach her to bake cookies.....

"I'm bored, play with me Grandma Sadie!"

"Take my picture tooooooo"

"Your breath smells funny, Grandma Sadie!"

"Once upon a time, when I was a young pup...."

"Do those teeth come out at night, Grandma Sadie?"

"I was just kiddin!"

Bitey face!

"I love you, Grandma Sadie!"


Anonymous said...

Has Sadie ever met a dog she didn't like? She seems so sweet with any dog she meets.

Anonymous said...

What great pictures of Sadie and Tina expecially the first one.
Sadie you are a GREAT grandma.