Sunday, July 6, 2008

Belle's Royal Adventure

Her Royal Highness Princess Belle has decided that her humble servant, yours truly, should ensure Ms. Belle doesn’t miss out on any of the fun just because she is a little too ancient and small to keep up with the big girls.

Belle spent much of the morning in her crate to avoid the oversized paws of one very boisterous five month old lab puppy who was visiting us. So by the time the puppy went home and I was about to head out to the dikes with Sadie and Charley, our friend Lizzie and her dog, Nutmeg, Belle decided there was no way she was being left behind.

I knew she couldn’t do the walk, but – as usual – she won the argument and away we went. Of course, she pooped out after just a short distance. So what did we do? Stuffed her in my daypack!!

Belle in a backpack

Surprisingly, she LOVED it – she snuggled right in and, without a whine or a wiggle (well, except to bring her front paws out of the pack and drape them elegantly over the edge) she traveled that way for the rest of the afternoon.

Even when we stopped for a break and I took off the pack, she choose to remain tucked inside – and promptly lay her head on the grass for a snooze.

Belle in the "Napsack".

And here’s a few other shots of this afternoon’s adventure:

Charley and Sadie take a break

Happy, tired Nutmeg!

The long road home

One last shot


Anonymous said...

And how are your back and shoulders today Jean? Maybe you can find one that we can crawl in so we can come along too? Or you could start a new trend with a wagon harnessed to your back and take dogs and people for a ride. Or you can train Charlie and Sadie to a cart and they could pull Belle in a carriage. Lucky dog. She must have felt very secure.

Tell your friend that Nutmeg is a beautiful dog.

Big Sis and O'Bear

Jean said...

My back and shoulders are surprisingly just fine - much better than the time I tried to carry Belle in my arms when she tired out!
I like the idea of teaching Charley and Sadie to pull a wagon with Belle in it!!!!
There are special backpacks for carrying dogs - some of them even have luggage wheels on, like those rolling suitcases that can alternate as backpacks - maybe I could adapt something like that.

Nutmeg is beautiful, isn't she? I love the deep, rich chestnut colour on her face.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Those shots of Belle are so sweet, what a good Mum you are, Jean, to take her along for the outing on your back and not leave her behind....and that she was so comfy she had her nap half in and half out of your backpack -- wow.

What about sending those photos off to "Sheltie Nation" and sharing with so many other Sheltie folks?!

And, Nutmeg is a beautiful dog.


Jean said...

Maybe I'll do just that, Sharon - with the caption "She ain't heavy, she's my sheltie"???

Anonymous said...

haha...that is just hysterical! I hope you realize now that you will never be able to leave her home again while you are on one of your walks at the dike. Did you feel like a pack mule?

Jean said...

Joelle, I was trying to remember the name of the royal servants who carried what I think was called a "litter" - the royality would be sitting in a small enclosure on four poles, with servants at each corner carrying it on their shoulders.
Her expression the whole time was priceless - an imperious glance at the underlings who must walk on two or four legs - royal nose high, eyes peering down it, slight smirk on the face.

Will she get to come along every time now? You betcha!

Anonymous said...

Belle in her "nap sack" is absolutely pricelss! Just when I think her life couldn't possibly be any sweeter, you find a way to make it so. For a little dog who fell on hard times not so long ago, Princess Belle is certainly receiving royal treatment now -- it's a true-life Cinderella story!

Anonymous said...

Jean those pictures of Belle certainly are priceless. She is one very lucky princess.


Anonymous said...

I just saw your pictures on Sheltie Nation and Belle looks so content and happy. HOW MUCH DOES SHE WEIGH? You are truly a pet owner who also loves her pets lucky for them. We own 3 shelties and they feel like they all run our home (which in part they do). They are all beautiful good luck

Anonymous said...

That was by far the sweetest story and pictures!!! I recieve pics from sheltie nation every day but this story especially caught my attention!!!


Jean said...

Belle weighs approximately 20 pounds - not TOO heavy, even with my bad back (and MUCH easier than carrying her in my arms!).
For new blog readers who have come here from Sheltie Nation, I adopted Belle through rescue in Dec. 2007. She is deaf and suffered pancreatitis and had quite bad arthritis - but she is one little treasure and is doing very well now. And she has all the Sheltie attitude that sheltie lovers know so well!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet storie. Belle is one lucky little girl!

we have 2 shelties they are our babies!

don't you just love sheltie nation!

Anonymous said...

She is truely a Princess...she knew you would find a way to bring her along.What a sweetie. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved your story and pictures. Hope to see more of Belle's adve
ntures. Love conquers All.
shetie king