Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's gonna be a loooooong ten days!

This is Tina, The Energizer Pup With The Very Big Eyes And Even Bigger Paws, who has come to stay with us while her family (neighbours of mine) visit the grandfolks.

We did all the right things to prepare for this. Tina has visited several times over the past couple of weeks, first for an hour, then two, then six. Her humans brought over her food, her dish, her favourite blankie, a bag of her favourite toys, her leash, and an old stinky shirt belonging to her human mom. I pulled a dusty old crate from the barn (her own is built in to their house), cleaned it and set it up in the kitchen. I puppy-proofed my house, made sure the baby gate was secured in place, and put extra water upstairs for the cat who will likely spend a LOT more time in the attic. I stocked up on nylabones and marrow bones and bully sticks, and I stuffed kongs with kibble and yogurt and peanut butter and stuck them in the freezer.

She's been here for three hours and I'm exhausted. She is convinced the Princess is a stuffy toy. Belle is not impressed. She is convinced the cat is a stuffy toy. Allie is not impressed. She thinks the crate I chose is too small (she may be right - tomorrow I will clean one of the extra-large ones) and she likes Charley's crate better - Charley is not impressed. Sadie is the only one that tolerates her well and seems to enjoy her company.

I had Tina in the kitchen with me as I washed the dishes. Chomp, chomp, chomp. Turned around expecting to see her chomping on the nylabone I had just given her. Nope. The wooden doorstop is much tastier. Took it away and returned to washing dishes. Chomp, thunk, chomp, thunk. Turned around to see her grabbing bottles of water from the box under the buffet and tossing them around the floor. Moved box. Mummmph, mummmph, mummmph. Turn around to see her pulling paper towels and dryer lint out of the laundry waste basket. Put waste basket on top of dryer.

Tried crating her in the larger crate in my office, for which she showed a preference. She howled like a hound dog. Waited her out and she quietened down.....until the Princess prissily sauntered up and barked in her face. Put Princess Belle back in living room. Hear angry barks and high pitched yelps from the office. Turned around to find Charley had repossessed crate and is staunchly defending it.

As I type this, Tina is alternately squeeking and yodelling in the kitchen, Belle is barking in the living room, Charley is firmly parked in the crate with Tina's favourite blanket. And I am gripping a glass of scotch and a bottle of Excedrin.

It is going to be a long, long, long ten days. Wish me good luck. Better yet, send chocolate.


mike said...

I can soo see it now.

only one remedy for this one Jean, exhaust the pup before it exhausts you!!!!

Shihtzu Staff said...

yes, make that puppy run! Can she pull a cart?? Anything just make her tired, tired, tired!!!

good luck. this is why we don't do puppies anymore!

Karen & Mike said...

I feel your pain. Cody is home for a week...I have shoes and sandals on every surface and haven't seen a matched pair for days.

Anonymous said...

This is good training for you Jean for when i bring Comet over ..teehee snicker


Jean said...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Janice, that will be the day! No pink fridge-opening, bread-stealing, squeeling monster pigs allowed here!!!

Nope. Never. No way.

I'm gonna be watching the driveway VERY closely!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL .. hahaha anyone else LOL

cynda said...

ohmydog, your post made my day!
Just returned from the vet's with my sis-in-law who had to have her young cat(only 10 months young) euthanised.
How old is this pup? What a great picture, great expression ("I am so darn cute, how can you get angry at me? " Tina makes my 2 darlings look like angels.

Anonymous said...

Thank for the laugh Jean. I do feel for you. Realy I do.
I think sending scotch instead of chocolates would work better.LOL
Sounds like Cindy was easy compared to Tina. It's a good thing Tina is VERY cute.