Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Raffle Tickets are now available!

A short while back I did a post about the amazing work of Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue and the incredible prizes you can win in their raffle to raise funds for a transport vehicle. You'll find that story here.

Well, the tickets are now AVAILABLE!
And I am going to confess something: selling anything to anyone is waaaayyyyy out of my comfort zone. I absolutely hate asking anyone for anything, and especially to ask them for
But I so strongly believe in the work the Labattes are doing, and in the need for the only dog shelter in northern B.C. to continue its work of accepting, rehabilitating, and finding homes for the never ending parade of neglected, homeless, abused, abandoned, and stray animals (AND their Spay/Neuter clinic and educational program), that this time I must step outside that comfort zone and do everything I can to get these tickets sold.

That means that if I have your personal email address, you can expect a whining, pleading, cajoling, harassing, annoying, but heartfelt email from me asking you to buy a ticket...or three...or twenty-five...or any number in between.

If I don't have your personal email address, you will be nagged to death through this blog until I see a whole bunch of emails requesting tickets. For this particular event, you can email me at animalsinrescue at [replace the word "at" with the @ sign].

In accordance with BC Gaming Commission regulations, tickets may only be bought and sold in British Columbia. Those of you who live elsewhere have until Aug 22nd to move to this beautiful province.

Tickets are:
One ticket for $5.00
Three tickets for $10.00
Twenty-five tickets for $75.00 (why not get your whole family to pitch in, or your colleagues at work, or your neighbours? Five people and each of you would end up with five tickets for just $15!!!).

And what can you win? Well, check out the list: trips and gift cards and phone packages and pet portraits and tons of wonderful things!

Cynda has sent me two books of single tickets, three books of 3/$10 tickets, and two books of 25/$75 tickets to sell. So pleeeeeeaaaasssseee say you'll buy some!

And until I get some orders in, I'm just not going to tell you where to find the fabulous, amazing, wonderful, cute, funny, incredible photos that Red Dog Photography took of my dogs and pigs.

Endnotes: In accordance with tbe BC Gaming Commission, please note the following:

1. Payment cannot be made over the internet.
2. Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. Chances are one in 185 to win a prize. Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold. Problem Gambling Help Line, call 1-888-795-6111 or log onto Know your limit, play within it. BC Gaming Event number 8775.


Anonymous said...

I'm in for three tickets Jean!!


Jean said...

Thanks Janice - I'll even help look after your piggies if you win that trip to Mexico! LOL

Anonymous said...

If I win you can go!!!


turtlegardens said...

art. All the dogs and Dave and I too really really appreciate it. Yvette

Jean said...

Ooops - I think we lost part of that comment, Yvette. Not sure how that happened!
But you are so very, very welcome.

mike said...

Jean can you put me in for 3 tickets as well please?
We'll come by Friday or Saturday to pay for them, which day is best?

Jean said...

Friday works well for me, Caroline - I'm puppy-sitting here all next Friday so will definitely be home for the day.