Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We have a houseguest!

Our neighbour's little dog, Lily, is staying with us for a few days. I have looked after her several times in the last couple of years, but this is her first visit since Sadie and Belle came to live with me.

Our friend Ellen and her whippet Kinley also came over for dinner, and I now know that five dogs in my wee house would be a bit much! For one thing, there simply isn't enough floor space in the kitchen for Five Dogs Underfoot. And even though my girls don't play with dog toys, Kinley and Lily decided they had to have a friendly tussle over each and every toy, which led to a Loud Energetic Barking Frenzy, courtesy of Belle, Charley and Sadie. Loud Energetic Barking Frenzy is even more overwhelming than Five Dogs Underfoot.

With Martin in his pen and the pigs in the barn for the night, we took all the dogs for a run in the pasture. Kinley wasn't sure what to make of the llamas next door, who also didn't know what to make of this strange streaking bullet flying all over the pasture. My old seniors are so much slower moving than flashy two year old Kinley. But the run did us all good, and before long everyone had settled down for a little nap:

Curled Up Kinley

Belle's beat

Charley's crashed

But the surprise of the evening was Sadie, who decided this little intruder who stole all the toys and broke all the rules was really a pretty good bunk mate. When dinner was over and the toys more or less abandoned, Sadie and Lily jumped up on the couch as if they'd been a twosome all their lives:

Two dogs and a dead stuffy

Friends don't mind being headrests

A little nuzzle....

....and a little snuggle.....

and then it's time for sleep!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sadie is surely adaptable to any situation. She must understand what it's like to be the new kid on the block and wants Lily to feel at home. What a sweet girl!


Anonymous said...

I also say Wow!

Lily is very cute, and how kind of Sadie to welcome her that way considering she [Sadie] has just been fairly recently rehomed herself!


Anonymous said...

Maybe Sadie was used to having a small dog pal somewhere in her past and it brought back some good memories.
As for Charlie's first picture, I think he is going in for animal impressions and this is his "Lion Roaring"
Of course -"Look Ma no cavitities" could do as well.

Big Sis and O'Bear