Saturday, May 17, 2008

Piggies' Pool Party

Most people are not aware that pigs do not sweat (so much for the term "sweating like a pig"!). They are therefore very vulnerable to heat stroke. So with the temperature at my place 30 degrees Celsius by noon, the piggies needed a way to cool down. I had one kiddie pool out in the pasture yesterday, but today I pulled out two more. And although all the piggies were happy to drink from the pools, and some were happy to wade in them, several needed an added incentive to actually get "down and dirty" and really cool off.

I learned last summer that the only way to get Scotch, the papa pig, into the pool was to toss some food in there. Piggies are VERY food motivated. So armed with apples and carrots, I planted the pools with tempting tidbits and watched the fun begin:

"Ooooh....apples!! But theyze in the water! Now what do we do?"

"Everyone into the pool!"

"Ummmm....I thinks we needs a bigger pool, Foster Mama!"

Watching RobRoy do his scuba-diving act (see entry below)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
After viewing your pool videos, I thought you might enjoy a video of my farm pig Harry laying in the mud.

(you might have to copy & paste if it doesn't show as a link)


Jean said...

Oh Joelle, thank you for a great morning laugh!!!
Harry's personality comes shining through (even through all that mud!) and I just love his little snorks and snuffles and oofs and other piggy noises when he talks to you!
My piggies are very jealous of his mud hole.

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed it Jean. He loves the mud. I would get him a pool but the mud will keep him from getting burned IF he ever learns how to cover himself properly. He ended up with a slight burn the day I took this video. Yesterday I was actually rubbing mud on his back! The things I do for that boy. (o: