Monday, May 5, 2008

A further update on Lis' Kristof

For those of you who were as touched by the story of Lis' and Diva as I was (see "An Indomitable Spirit" and "More about Lis' " in my April blog entries), and for the many people who have ended up on my blog by googling her name, I thought I would provide this very quick update. The information comes from a dog forum I belong to, where an email from someone staying with Lis' was posted. "Shar" reports:

"Lis' continues to be strong of spirit while her body is getting weaker by the day. At first it was three good days then one bad. Now it is a couple of good hours then a few not so good and then some pretty crummy. Again, she is soooo strong in spirit she is an inspiration. "

In the past few days they have made all the arrangements with Hospice for her final care, and with the funeral home too. Shar reports there is a peace in the house now, and all that can be done before Lis' goes to The Spirit in the Sky has been done.

I do not know Lis' - I had not heard of her before the video was brought to my attention - but I was deeply touched by her email to her friends and family, and by the video of that last run. I cannot imagine myself handling imminent death with so much grace, and at such a young age. She was 32 when first diagnosed with breast, at 40, her earth journey will soon end. Far, far too short a life for such a strong and positive woman.

And, once again, here is the link for the central site to leave messages for Lis' and to read her story:


AuntBeast said...

Someone said on her dreambook site that Lis died yesterday, though it didn't seem to be anyone officially connected to the site. I thought you might want to know so you could try to confirm it. Thanks so much for keeping us abreast of this--I have seldom been so moved by anything.

Jean said...

Yes, she passed away at 9:00 PM yesterday according to the agility forum that has kept me updated. See my entry May 7: Run Fast, Run Happy.
I am so glad she had that last run with Diva and achieved her goal. I wish I had been blessed with the opportunity to meet her.

Thanks for checking in and giving the head's up, auntbeast.