Friday, May 30, 2008

Martin's Extreme Makeover - Pasture Edition

Alpacas are very clean animals who “do their business” in the same spot every day, creating a nice orderly pile which is easy to scoop up. Once a week I head to the spot with wheelbarrow, pails and scooper and then my neighbour from a few doors down comes to claim it for her garden.

Every now and then, Martin decides it is time to renovate and chooses another spot in the field for his ensuite. This morning, I discovered he chose to relocate his toilet right smack in the middle of the walking path that the dogs and I use daily.

Thanks, pal! It’s hard enough to keep those three from snacking on the ‘paca pellets without having you deposit it right in front of their noses!

So armed with pooper scooper, pail and rake, I left the dogs behind the gate and Martin chowing down on his grain and walked down the path to clear the mess.

I scooped and raked, and turned around to head back to the gate....and found myself looking right into the big brown eyes of an inquisitive alpaca. He had apparently stealthily followed me down the path and was silently contemplating my handiwork.

I informed him that I was very sorry but he would have to relocate his bathroom elsewhere. Of course, he informed me that this was HIS pasture, the dogs and I were guests, and he would renovate any way he pleased!

He has a point. I may have to cut a trail around a certain poopy pile for a while, until he tires of that spot.

Meanwhile, visitors be warned – wear boots with easily-rinsed soles. ‘Paca pellets love to stick in the nooks and crannies of deeply-grooved footwear -- and they are the very devil to get out!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
I had to laugh when I read this because it reminds me of my life right now. Sometimes something happens and we must make adjustments; in your case a detour (an alternate path) or in my case a whole new path.
Thanks for sharing your Martin adventures!