Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This 'n that

Wow, what a busy day! I began by spending some time reviewing texts, trying to decide what to order for my classes next fall. I hate that task - it's so ...irrevocable! And since most of the ones I used the past two years have come up with new editions I'm going to have to revise curriculum and make up all new exams anyway so maybe it is time for a change. I've narrowed the field, and by this time next week need to have a firm decision.

And what do I do when I'm trying to put off a decision? Spend time with the animals, of course! First, Allie decided to get up close and personal. I think she has spring fever - she has been playing leapfrog over the dogs in the hallway, meowing at the back door, tossing toys from the attic down the stairwell, and getting in my face every chance she gets. What a character!

Cheshire Cat?

Playful Allie

Sweet Allie

Then I ran to the produce place as I was nearly out of fruit and veggies for the piggies. I got lucky, as they had a big box of fruit they were about to toss as it had seen better days - bruised apples, overripe bananas, soft tomatoes, some plums and oranges and a peach or two. I had some very happy piglets today.

"Oh Yummy! Tomatoes!!!"

Next, I tackled a job I've been thinking about for a while - putting a little fence around a flowerbed area near my back door. The previous tenant had covered the area generously with barkmulch and for some reason the dogs INSIST on lying in it and then dragging it inside by the bucketful in their long belly fur. It's still a work in progress, as I need to finish a little gate, and set some stepping stones in place as well as the new clothesline platform, but it is slowly taking shape. I am quite pleased with my little country fence.

In order to pick up the wood for the fence, I had to unload a whole truckload of dog food and other donations that I was in the process of transporting but unable to deliver the other day. So I piled it all on the garage floor. When I returned from the lumber store I found one still-warm-but-very-dead little mouse lying right by the bags of dog food, belly-up. I have no idea how he died, as I don't have a barn cat and there were no bite marks or anything. Possibly the birds who live in the barn attacked him? Or the squirrels??
My favourite explanation is that he keeled over from the shock of seeing SO MUCH DOGFOOD free for the taking (I am usually obsessive about keeping all barn food in tightly closed bins to discourage rodents). Hopefully I can deliver the food tomorrow, and hopefully Mr. Mouse's relatives won't decide to help themselves to it tonight for his wake.

Lastly, I took a run over to my ex's home for my monthly visit with my yellow lab, Emma. I managed to tire her out with endless games of ball and a refresher course of the commands I taught her as a pup, but as usual she was still laughing when it was time to leave. I have never known such a happy dog!

Tired, happy Emma

And now I better take my other three girls for a walk in the pasture before dusk. They are impatiently waiting by the gate.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, very interesting about Allie, my Finnia is doing the exact same thing these days, always up close and personal, can't get close enough... Her "thing" these days is helping me type, every chance she gets.