Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hearts on Noses Annual Garage Sale

Hearts on Noses, the sanctuary for whom I foster Scotch, Soda and the ten little piglets, is having their annual garage sale this Saturday May 10th, at the sanctuary in Maple Ridge.

This is a significant fund raiser for them, with all proceeds going directly to help the pigs. Hearts on Noses is a registered charity and survives solely through donations and fundraisers.

After much of the property was wiped out by floods last year (for which they received NO compensation from the government's flood relief fund!), it has been a long and expensive year of hard work to get fences and pens rebuilt, barn repaired, pastures and driveways restored, etc. They need all the support they can get.

I will never forget the scenes of volunteers (myself included) wading in chest-deep water as we tried to rescue all the pigs, and with the assistance of firefighters, carried them into Janice's house - the only dry, safe space available. Twenty-eight frightened, muddy pigs in a house leave quite a mess behind, the cleanup of which came out of Janice's own pocket (as do many other sanctuary-related expenses).

I was over there helping sort the many donations of garage sale stuff last night - what a TON of items. I am coveting some very well made "twig" chairs and table, a patio set with chairs and cushions that look new, some lovely jewellry boxes and pottery and books and many, many other great items.

The sale is at:
Hearts on Noses Sanctuary,
13287 - 232nd St., Maple Ridge BC.

Saturday May 10th 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

If you live too far away to make the sale (Hi, blog readers from Quebec, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Israel, Netherlands, U.S., U.K., France, and the many other countries I've noticed on here recently!), there are two things you can do for us:

Firstly, click on Hearts on Noses website and consider sponsoring a pig or making a donation through their paypal feature.

Secondly, do a spirited Sun Dance for this Saturday - the forecast doesn't look great and there is soooo much stuff that it doesn't all fit in the double carport! We need sun! Or at least "not-rain"!!!! Positive good weather vibes, please, everyone!

And now I better get out and feed the pigs and alpaca and walk the dogs, because there is a whole room full of donated items still to unpack and sort for the sale.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean for posting this and for yours and Ellens help, amazing THANK YOU!!!

well off i go to put up signs !!