Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dogs on the Dike

Amid garage sale preparation, yard work, and family stuff I found time for a walk on the dikes near Pitt Lake yesterday. Ellen and her whippet Kinley accompanied us, and the day was absolutely perfect - sunny and clear, neither too warm nor too cold, with just a light enough breeze to keep any bugs away. The place was deserted, and other than meeting an absolutely gorgeous Berner pup and his black lab pal and their human just as we returned to the vehicles, we saw not a soul for the whole time.

(Sorry, Sharon, no Belle pictures this time - she is doing very well, but can't handle the longer romps on the dike so she had a walk with me in the pasture and then stayed home for a nap. I learned the hard way, on our last dike walk, that a 20 pound sheltie is rather heavy to carry any distance!)

Charley and Sadie: Best Buds

"Hurry up, hoomans!!!"

One very happy Charley

Rollin' in sheer joy - or maybe in fishguts?



Headin' home all tired out


Sherri said...

What a beautiful place for a walk! My heart always smiles when I see pictures of Charley and Sadie so happy. They were meant to be together.

Anonymous said...

Jean your quite good with the camera and i don't think i ever remember saying that to anyone in my life time. There are some quite beautfiul shots posted here.

I also love the happy feeling one gets when reading your blog. It maybe be the love of animals we share as well as there antics never the less i love to read it.

Hearts On Noses

Anonymous said...

I totally understand why Belle wasn't with you on this walk -- my senior Sheltie gal has slowed down a lot, and gets all the walks she wants, but if I want exercise, she stays home and naps. None the wiser!

Love your photos, Charley and Sadie and Kinley all obviously had a wonderful outing!


Karen & Mike said...

I walked that very dike every day with my Gillis for is the most peaceful, perfect dog walking spot on earth, I think.