Monday, May 26, 2008

An Oasis for the Piggies...

Subtitled: The things I do for my foster babes!!!

Yesterday it was shaping up to be another hot day and the pigs were already looking hot and tired. So I put them out in the pasture where the grass is long and green and cool, and while they were there I made them a little oasis in the middle of their piggy yard:

Nearly done - Beach umbrella firmly planted, dirt dug, pool filled - just a bit more raking to do...

Hey, guys, I'm not finished yet!

"That's okay, Mom, we like it just how it is!"

Um, Soda, you're spilling all the water!

"Well, that's how ya make MUD, Foster Mama!"

Now they not only have water but also shade and soft, freshly dug dirt (for that spa-like mudbath - they like mud much more than sand)…..all it needs is some palm trees and a tray of margaritas and I will be out there in my deck chair with them!

Scotch is not a beach babe- he'd rather hang out near the fence

And Tom would prefer to stay in the pasture rooting around in the cool grass.


Karen & Mike said...

You're the best foster mom! The pigsters are very lucky to have you...loved your sunset pics y'day.

Anonymous said...

Oh this just cracked me up!! Tour comment under the picture with Soda letting all the water out ..and her looking right at you LOL . Adorable!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the laugh and all the hard work you do for those lucky bristled friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,

They are lucky pigs, great pics of their little oasis. Thanks for sharing!