Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pigs, Pups and Petals

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves - it is a beautiful day, the pigs spent hours in the pasture, there are wildflowers blossoming everywhere (and some not so wild that previous tenants or seed-eating wildlife must have planted), and the dogs are loving having me home with them:

First, the piggies:


Pig in Flowers

Take time to smell the

Ummm...excuse us, we're bathing!!!

Bet you can't find me, Foster Mama!

Pigs and dogs:

Mom! The pigs are out!

Sadie loves pigwatching

Sharing secrets?

And more dogs:

Belle in flowers

Mom! I'm lost!


Charley in flowers


And flowers (mostly unnamed because I'm too lazy to look them all up!):

In the pasture

In the pasture

In the pasture


Pink bush on front fence


In the pasture

On roadside near house

On roadside near house

Poking through fence

Comfrey in pasture

Pasture scene



Anonymous said...

Hi Jean,
As usual your pics are wonderful. What a great way to spend the day with your dogs, piggies and enjoying nature.


Anonymous said...


Of course I loved "Mom, the pigs are out!" with little Miss Bossy Sheltie Belle telling her world (you).

Also love all the flower photos, I don't know their names either and wish I did.


Anonymous said...

Jean I love the pictures they are great.
The one below the Rhodo with the white flowere and the 5 leafed vine. That 5 leaved vine is Virgina Creeper. It is very invasive and almost impossible to get rid of unless you attack it while it is still young. If left unchecked it will cover everything and it can grow 20 feet in a year. I have it in my back yard and have been trying to eradicate it for 15 years. Every little peice that is dropped can root and start another plant.