Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Wrestlers

Starring:  Major Bo Jangles and Angel, with Zuke as referee

Wanna go play?

And around and around and around they went.
And like little kids, sometimes one would
reverse direction to cut the other off!


Zuke:  Hey, guys, can I play?

Angel:  Hey, Major, wanna wrestle?
Zuke here can be the referee!
Angel:  I may be part boxer, but I'm a champion wrestler!

Zuke:  No holding!

Body Slam!

Angel:  I got you, suckah!

Major:  I'm not out yet!

Angel:  Say 'Uncle',  twerp!

Major:  Never!

Angel:  We'll see about that!

Angel: Yer goin' Down, man!


Zuke:  One, two, three, four......

...eight, nine, ten....YER OUT!

Zuke:  And Angel the boxer-pitti-wrestler
takes the Canine Championship!

Major:  It's not whether you win or lose,
it's whether ya have fun playing the game,
right dad?  


EvenSong said...

So where's the "like" button? Cute!

Bren Lee said...

haha They are sooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

What a great sequence of pictures.


georgia little pea said...

Tap out! Tap out! I'm not surprised the boxer wrestler won. MMA is The Thing these days :)

Major's mom said...

And that really was how those three communicated. What a special treat to have you share it with all of us! Thanks!

Pauley James said...

These pictures just made my day! Oh & the caption with the last picture is perfect :)