Saturday, January 19, 2013

The answer to yesterday's question, and bedrest for Eddie

Georgia Little Pea guessed correctly - the handsome dog in yesterday's blog was indeed one of Lucy's pups,  one of Major Bo Jangle's litter mates.  This little reverse-brindle puppy

grew into this big boy:

Handsome reverse-brindle boy!

I wish she'd get that camera outta my face!
Major Bo Jangles and Zuke at play

Handsome Zuke

He has kept his original name, Zuke.  He is perhaps an inch taller than Major Bo, a wee bit bulkier, and with even longer legs.  It's still so amazing to me that short-legged, long squat bodied little Lucy produced such tall, long-legged offspring!

Tee hee hee!  You shoulda seen their dads! 

I have many more photos from yesterday to post, of Major Bo and Zuke and other friends in the park.  However, that will wait until tomorrow, because Eddie says I have to tell you about his misadventure first.

Yeah, it can't ALL be about other critters!
I haz a sad tail tale to tell!  
Yesterday, Eddie was tired from his two hours of walking in the park, and was a little too eager to jump in the side door of the van to head home. He didn't wait for the cue to 'get in'.   I moved just as he jumped, he missed the opening and tumbled back to the ground, landing awkwardly on his bum leg - the very arthritic one that was likely injured and left untreated before he came to me.  He hopped right back up, but after we arrived home, I noticed he was holding his leg up, tight to his body.  He's sometimes done that in the past and it has usually been fine in a couple of hours, so I gave him a pain killer and kept watch.

Twenty-four hours later, there was no improvement, so off to the vet's we went.  It appears he likely has a partially torn cruciate ligament in his right knee, which is what I suspected.  Fortunately it has not fully ruptured, though it will certainly be vulnerable to that in the future.   He received a cartrophen injection, is on two types of pain killers, and on full bedrest for at least a week and likely several.  No walks.  No bouncing around.  No jumping.  Fortunately the only time he really bounces and jumps is at meal time or when someone comes to the door, but he will hate not going for his twice-a-day walks.  He goes back to the vet in a week for another cartrophen shot and to reassess  - if he is still holding his leg up or limping badly, we will x-ray to see how bad the damage is.  Conservative management requires lengthy rest and a brace.  Invasive management requires an expensive surgery - though that is a last resort.

I should be treated like a king!
Meanwhile, he thinks he will milk this for all it is worth.  I, on the other hand, have told him that without exercise we have to cut back on the treats!  But I assured him all his fans will feel sorry for him and send him good wishes. You will, won't you?


georgia little pea said...

OH NO, Eddie! That's a bummer. I hope you get better soon. I know ACL injuries hurt big time. Please be good and quiet and do what your mama tells you. Milk it boy!

You mean TT got something right? Heavens. :D X

Marie said...

Oh, poor poor Eddie! What a terrible thing to have happened. I sure hope that the prescribed rest at home and the meds will help a lot! Marie

EvenSong said...

Poor Eddie! Well, I'd love such a good excuse to just lay around--without the pain, of course.
Get better. And don't take too much advantage of Auntie Jean.

I remember those pups getting a whole lot bigger than Lucy. But you can still see her sweet face in theirs. Zuke was one of my favorites, and he's grown into a beautiful BIG boy!

Dawn said...

Cruciate injuries seem to be getting much more attention these days. Or perhaps it is because my Daphne had to have surgery for it.

Daphne was a VERY active dog, but she stayed still and rested much better than I thought she would. Hopefully Eddie will be equally cooperative.

We all (my dog Becca, and 2 cats) wish him well. He will get lots of loving during this time, I am sure, Mama Jean!

Caroline said...

Milk it Eddie, milk it! Maybe mom can whip up some "good for you" treats!

Zuke has turned into one handsome HUGE boy! WOW. What a treat to see Lucy's pups all grown up!

Mark said...

Hope you feel better soon Eddie, at least you won't have to face any scary stairs and stuff. I am sure Mama Jean will spoil you rotten and will probably treat you like a king.

take care.

Major's mom said...

So very sorry to read about Eddie's knee. I know this little hiccup will be hard on both of you. Let me know if I can help.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Eddie's knee. That type of injury is no fun to deal with. Hopefully it will heal without surgery.
You be good Eddie and listen to your Momma when she says to take it easy.


Pauley James said...

Eddie, our fingers & paws are crossed that you will not have to have surgery. Annie had to have surgery several years ago for an ACL tear & she is still on the move :)

Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh, I do indeed with Eddie well. Every once in a while, Black Jack leaps up the steps and misses one. My heart is always in my mouth when that happens. I know those cruciate injuries are not fun, conservative treatment or otherwise. Sending my very best healing vibes to you, Eddie!