Monday, January 28, 2013


August 7, 1999 - January 28, 2013
Georgi, the funny, sweet, water-loving King Charles Cavalier spaniel who stayed with us on a number of occasions, passed away at her home this afternoon, with Gail and Jim by her side.

Georgi never failed to make me laugh during her visits here.  For the first couple of days she would sulk.  Then she would suck it up, assume an air of Royalty, and look at me with such an expression of contempt. I expected her to sleep WHERE?  I expected her to eat WHAT?  We were going to walk WHERE?  "That's not the way it is done; don't you know ANYTHING?" 

I think she was the only dog who ever had me grovelling and saying "Yes your Highness, No your Highness, would you like me to scramble some eggs for you, your Highness?"

What a character!  I remember her first stay here, in October 2011.  We went for a walk to the beach and she was so eager to get into the water I was afraid she would jump right off the seawalk.  For a Queen, she wasn't the least concerned about getting her beautiful fur wet and sandy - she would barrel into the water over and over until the stick she was chasing disappeared and she decided it was time to go home.

Throw a stick for me, Servant!

Georgi always arrived with a van full of her belongings - beds and blankets, various foods and treats and medications for her renal problems.  Invariable, she would choose the beds that were already here - the ones that Charley or Sadie or whoever I was fostering liked best.  She just plodded over to the bed of choice and took possession.  And not one of my dogs ever challenged her.  They knew they were mere commoners, subservient to Queen Georgi.

Ah'll use THIS bed, thank you!  

As her health began to fail, our trips to the beach were curtailed.  Instead, we would mosey up the road a short distance, she dragging behind like a water-soaked log on a leash.  Sometimes, in order to keep her moving, I had to walk backwards, crouched down, holding out a treat like the proverbial donkey-and-carrot trick - though in this case I think I was the one who looked like a jackass.  Still, she kept moving and invariable perked up a little afterwards.

In good weather, I made her stay outside in the garden with me for a while each day.  She glared at me as she tried to get back in the house and  I called out  "Just half an hour of fresh air and sunshine, Georgi Girl, and then we will go back in".  Eventually she would plop herself down in the grass or on a cushion on the patio and snooze, periodically opening one eye to make sure I was still around.

She was a great little dog, a Royal Character with an endearing attitude that readily put one in one's place without hostility or aggression.  A simple glare from Her Highness and we all did her bidding, yet she ruled with a velvet paw.  I shall miss that funny girl who could always make me laugh.

My  deepest condolences, Gail and Jim and Sadie B.  You gave her a great life;  she gave us all great memories.  She will not be forgotten.

Run free, precious Georgi.


georgia little pea said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Georgi. What a character! I'm sure she'll be much missed. My condolences to Gail, Jim and Sadie B x

Pauley James said...

Awwww Georgi seems like she was a real character :) Sending big hugs to all.

Pauley James

Anonymous said...

What very sad news. She was the sweetest of dogs. Hugs to you, Gail and Jim.


Mark said...

Big hugs to Gail & Jim and to you also Aunty Jean. We are so sorry for your loss of sweetie Georgi, sounds like she was a wannabe Royal.

Mark, Del, King & Princess Mollydawg

Run free little cutie