Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Entertainer

My friend Else came over for a visit the other day, a bottle of wine, some homemade soup, and her dog Tanner in tow.

Tanner is a gentle giant of a dog - a Rottie cross with a sweet, sweet face and a soft, soft touch. And with all the playfulness of a pup.  He entertained us as we sipped our wine.

May I have something to play with?
Auntie Jean pulls out dog toy box)

What's this?

  Hey, it squeaks!

It really, really squeaks!

A really loud, annoying squeak!

OMG, Auntie Jean, make him STOP!

I'm outta here!

I really like this ball!


It went under your chair, Mom.
Would you get it for me?


Pretty please?

Pretty, pretty please with
ice cream on top?

About time

Thank you, thank you!

But I think I'll play with
this sheep instead. 


Anonymous said...

He sure did have fun with that ball and drove us crazy and almost deaf.
I know a certain Irish Wolfhound Pup that would love it and drive the owner crazy heehee and we can drink our wine in peace and quiet.
Those are some great pictures of Tanner that you got.


georgia little pea said...

Pretty pretty please with ice cream on top! BWAH haha! Oh that squeak. Do you ever wonder why it doesn't make dogs (that are supposed to have such sensitive hearing) deaf, when it hurts our inferior ears?

Brigid said...

Oh, I needed that laugh this evening! What a great sequence of pictures...

Marie said...

Boy! this morning's posting sure reminds me of my Sparkle and her little green ball!!! she is forever doing just this-losing it under the furniture and begging me to retrieve it!! what fun and what good pictures of Tanner, thanks Jean!

Pauley James said...

Oh that is too funny! Thanks for the laugh! Tanner is a beauty.