Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morning Rush Hour

It is 5:30 AM

The cat scratches in her bathroom litter box, and awakens Eddie in the nearby mudroom.

Eddie scratches at the mudroom gate, and barks his annoying barkless bark “Get up World it’s time to get up! I’m starving!

He awakens Mitzi, curled up on my bed, who joins the chorus.  Bark Bark Bark Bark Bark.  For a wee little dog, she has a very big bark.

She awakens Riley, who circles the bed, back and forth, back and forth, long collie nose nudging my face, my hand.  “Auntie Jean, my biscuit please

Oh doG, I want more sleep. 

I stumble out of bed, give the three dogs a biscuit, and send them outside.

The cat circles my feet, meowing loudly.  I stumble to the fridge for her food and fill her dish. Dogs back in.  Eddie and Mitzi race for the kitchen. "Breakfast! Breakfast!"  they clamour.   Riley prances down the hall behind them.

Oh doG, I want more sleep.

I switch on the coffee which I have set up the night before. I fix their breakfast.  Raw for Eddie.  Kibble with two supplements and a little water for Riley.  Kibble with lots of water and one supplement for Mitzi.  Mitzi doesn’t want to eat hers in the kitchen.  Too close to the big dogs.  I move her dish and she gobbles greedily, flinging water and kibble across the living room floor.  I mop it up.

Oh doG, I want more sleep.

I pick up the dog dishes, check if anyone wants out again (Eddie does – he was too starving the first time to take time to pee).

I put Eddie out, let him back in, stumble to the washroom and then  back to the kitchen to pour my coffee. I head to my armchair in the living room, hands wrapped tightly around the warm mug. 

It is 6:30 AM.  The house is quiet and still.  Mitzi is curled up on my bed fast asleep.  Riley is curled up on the couch fast asleep.  Eddie is stretched out on the floor fast asleep.  The cat is curled up on my lap, fast asleep. The morning rush hour is over.

And I am wide awake. 


MrsB said...

Sounds like my house. But isn't that first cup of coffee wonderful?

Marie said...

Sounds like my house as well, however, it's me who wakes the dog up! And yes, that first cup of coffee is great.

EvenSong said...

Would love to see the pictoral essay version. But then again, you haven't had your coffee yet... ;-D

Caroline said...

I'm sitting here with my first cup of coffee (earned in a very similar way you earned yours) and look around me, all I see is sleeping bodies as well. Well fed sleeping bodies.

If by chance their dad wakes up before they can shake me out of bed, he will do the morning feeding. But, get this, as far as the Wildebeests are concerned that does not count. If it's not mom doing the serving it ain't breakfast. Sigh.

barb said...

Oh Jean, that is so typical in my house as well. Multiple pets are not always sure feeds off the other!!! I do enjoy those quiet moments though!
barb and the furry ones

georgia little pea said...

BWAH haha! This is the best rush hour reading! You had me grinning from start to end. Sorry. I meant commiserating.

Bren Lee said...

hehe ya gotta love the lil furbabies. Once they are up, everyone needs to be up! :)

Anonymous said...

can just picture it! It is the exact same situation when I critter sit. Hackett's have adopted a rescue cat and he is personable and stately. They are trying out "Sidney" as his name. He is glossy blck with white on 1/2 face, paws and some on his chest. He is long with a tail that is as long as he is. The granddogs are miffed nad have their noses out of joint that there is another "damned" cat in their lives. The cat looked at Karen as if to say "is this part of the deal? Oh well!"
Love from the soft critters of the Okanagan

Dawn said...

Jean, in my house it is one of the cats that starts things up. Jones in a Siamese, so you can imagine the volume and variety of sounds he makes!

If his noise is not enough, the other sweet cat will sit on me and purr. Eventually Becca the dog will come up between us and bury her nose in my neck. That always works. (Becca is 19lbs of love.)

It will be nice tomorrow morning to know that all over the world (mostly) women are shuffling to the kitchen (or wherever) to feed their "babies". Love gets us up!

King said...

My mommy says she can so relate to your mornings Aunty Jean. I dunno what she's talkin'about! That never happens here....

How wonderful that Anita had you there to help her relax about Mitzi's future. I look forward to reading all about tuff little Mitzi's new adventures with her extended family. Happy Belated 12th Birthday Mitzi! "RarrOOF"
Oh and daddy put up the flags and mommy took some pics and Im going to write my blog later today (sigh)

Anonymous said...

Your story is well told. That sort of thing happens when I look after dogs.
I hate to brag - but my dog sleeps in til. afternoon.
(she is a lousy alarm clock)

Pauley James said...

Luckily for me, Wayne is usually the one to get up first & they will pester him & not me.

Erika said...

That was a good read!
My dogs need to be kicked out of bed every morning but my kids are another story...

Black Jack's Carol said...

Wonderful, Jean. You gave me quite a nice mind-video, but I yearn for more. Now you have to do that all again.. with photos :)