Sunday, January 20, 2013

Major, Zuke, and friends

It's always hard to decide which photos to post.  Some tell a story, some are well composed, some just make me smile.  The many photos I took on Friday, when we met Major and Zuke at the park and were introduced to many of their canine friends, are likely going to be posted over the course of a few days.  But let's start by introducing you to the cast of canine characters:

This, of course, is Major Bo Jangles

And this is one of Major's best buddies, Angel.
Angel is a sweet four year old pitti-boxer cross.

And this, of course, is Major's littermate, Zuke

This is Mishka, who lives with Zuke's neighbour,
and is one of Zuke's best buddies.

And this is Mishka's sister, Bonnie.
Have you ever seen such a delightful smile?
Mishka and Bonnie are Siberian Huskies, and were adopted through rescue when they were just young.  They are now 7 and 9, I think. 

And shame on me - 281 photos and not
a single shot of Eddie except this partial. 

He liked this little puppy, whose name I didn't get. 

There were many other dogs at the park, but the first five were the main subject of my photos.  Stayed tuned to see the photos of them at play.

Eddie thanks you for your well wishes, and says he is feeling a lot better today.  I told him it was because of the drugs, but he thinks he should get to go for a walk.  Sorry, Eddie, you shall be a neglected dog and I shall be a mean mama for the next few days while we see how bad that cruciate tear is.


georgia little pea said...

Only a partial pic of Eddie! That won't do. I shall be huffed on his behalf. Poor thing. It's the worst when they feel good enough to walk and don't understand why they need to rest.

Dawn said...

I started reading your blog when you took a very pregnant Lucy from the SPCA. I had the pleasure of walking Lucy several times during her stay there. So it is fun to see some of her pups all grown up!

Do you ever hear from the person who adopted Lucy? It would be lovely to get an update on her.

Black Jack's Carol said...

I can never get enough of Lucy's kids! I want to pat you on the back every time I see them, Jean! What a time that was for you and what a success the whole drama turned out to be because of your hard work and TLC! And, i do so love the grinning picture of Lucy. It absolutely made me howl with that caption. Nice to see Major and Zuke are in such obviously wonderful families and good to meet their friends as well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics. of the beautiful dogs.