Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dining at the Hard Rock Cafe, Crofton Style

When the tide goes out, the Hard Rock Cafe* opens.  

The crowd begins to gather

And a line forms around the block.

The maitre d' checks all is ready,  

And some patrons enjoy
appetizers and drinks
in the lounge while they wait.
Table for one, please.

Barnacle Bisque!  Delicious!

Fights break out over seating

But most are quickly resolved.
They dine, enjoying tasty little morsels
of sea life served up on a bed of kelp.

Occasionally, someone tries to
sneak in the back door, 

Or to leave without paying...

But the bouncer soon takes care of that.

Not far away, a mugger watches,
waiting for a drunken patron to stagger by.

Just another day at the Hard Rock Cafe. 

* Apologies to the owners of the cafe chain by the same name. But what else would you call a rock that serves food? :)

1 comment:

georgia little pea said...

You made me smile and I can't stop. What a delightful Small stone/rock. I'll call it that, even if you don't!

The mugger BWAH haha!~ I hope he got the one who snuck out without paying his bill. That means he'll still be loaded :D