Thursday, January 24, 2013

More than just a Footnote

There is a bittersweet footnote to my last blog entry, and she is oh so much more than just a footnote!  Her name is Mitzi, a little Bichon Frise who celebrated her 12th birthday on Saturday. 

When my cousin was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last fall,  her one concern was the future of her dog.  Mitzi had only Anita,  and Anita loved her dearly. 

My cousin read my blog regularly,  and our frequent phone calls and emails often included chatter about our dogs.  So it was only natural that we should discuss Mitzi’s future. And it was only natural that I should offer to take her in.  She is family, and my passion is senior dogs.  I had never met Mitzi (who lived in the States), but Anita had met my dogs, seen my island home, read my blog.  She had a pretty good idea of what I could offer to Mitzi, and of the changes Mitzi might face.  A few days later, Anita asked me to be Mitzi’s Mama Jean.  I am honored to be entrusted with her care. 

In the past three months,  we talked often about Mitzi’s personality, her needs, her temperament, her habits.  Mitzi, an only dog, is polite to all she meets.  Anita told me that despite her diminutive size (about eight pounds soaking wet), she’s no lap dog.  She likes to have her person around, but as for cuddling -– not so much.  She’s an independent little lady.  She enjoys twice-daily walks, and she wants her evening treat of yogurt.  I promised my cousin that I will always respect Mitzi for who she is, and provide her with both the care and the space she needs.

In mid-December,  I went to meet Mitzi for the first time, and brought home some of her  belongings.  For as long as possible, however, Mitzi would stay with Anita. And she was with her to the very end.

Yesterday, I took the ferry over to the mainland.  Anita’s sister transported Mitzi across the border, and with tears in our eyes and lumps in our throats, we transferred the little white half pint from her car to mine, and Mitzi and I headed home. 

And so, with both sadness and joy ,  I would like to introduce you to Eddie and Allie’s little “big sister”, Mitzi. 

Welcome, Mitzi, to my home, my life, my blog, and my heart.  I hope you will like it here. 

Mitzi checks out Crofton beaches

(For those looking for further pictures of Major, Zuke and friends, I will return to them in the next day or two, along with the adventures of Mitzi, Allie, Eddie and Riley).  


ruth said...

What a way to have the memory of those you love around you- your sister's camera and your cousin's adorable Mitzi
Sending you hugs and blessings in your loss and in the transition to a three dog household.

Marie said...

I know that Mitzi will adjust well in your home. Eddie and Riley were most welcoming to Sparkle and I'm sure they were the same with Mitzi, she is one lucky little dog. From what you have related about Anita, she would be very happy having Mitzi live out her life in your care.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Crofton Mitzi. I know you will have a happy life with Momma Jean and your brother Eddie, and sister Allie. Yes, I know she is a cat but she is still your sister.
Hope to meet you soon.


georgia little pea said...

I had a feeling it would be about a dog.

I can't imagine a better home for Mitzi. She'll miss her mama but she's in good hands.

Big hugs X

EvenSong said...

So lovely and sweet! (And so is Mitzi...)

Major's mom said...

I love her already Mama Jean.

MrsB said...

Lucky Mitzi.

Deborah Strong said...

Welcome Mitzi. I wish it were under happier circumstances but I know you will be happy with your new family. I will look forward to meeting you soon and in the mean time I hope your visiting "cousin" Riley has relinquished enough precious couch space for you.

Deb S.

Pauley James said...

I can imagine, knowing her beloved Mitzi would have a wonderful home, greatly helped Anita. Everyone should be so blessed to have family such as you.

Dawn said...

You gave your cousin a wonderful gift of comfort, the knowledge that Mitzi will be loved and cared for by you.

Louwalk said...

Hi Jean,

Oh! So cute. Mitzi could not have found a better home. You have a special way with animals.

Lou, Abbotsford

Anonymous said...

the biggest fear for many of us with furkids is that something cannot be found for them once we leave...We have our dogs and our kitty in a will that states where they will go and we trust those we have choosen very much to ensure they will not need for anything...obviously your cousin felt the same way...blessings to you and Mitzi and the rest of your family for a new life for all..Cheryl