Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Sparkle On the Island

Today we had two visitors - a little dog named Sparkle and her mama Marie.  Marie adopted Sparkle through Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue.  Before coming to Turtle Gardens, Sparkle lived in  puppymill, where she was kept in a barn as a breeding bitch.  At less than two years of age, she was hardly out of puppyhood herself, but she had already given birth to two litters.

Last spring, Sparkle came into rescue and was fostered by Anna, who helped her get used to life in a real home, and worked with her to overcome her timidity.  In June, she was adopted by Marie and went to live in  the southern interior of BC.

Today she is a happy little dog who is confident, calm, and busy, busy, busy.  She met Riley and Eddie and then we all headed off to the beach.  Marie has family in the area, and enjoyed seeing the new seawalk extension.

Sparkle on Crofton Beach

We walked the length of the seawalk, chatted for a while on the sandy beach near Crofton Beach Park, and then walked home where, of course, I pulled out the big camera.

Many of the first few pictures turned out like this:

What is that, you say?  Ha!  It is Riley's ruff.  Riley thinks any time I'm down on the floor, I'm down there to play with or cuddle her.  I have more shots of Riley's nose, Riley's ruff, Riley's ears, than of all the other critters combined.

Excuse me!  This is MY photoshoot!

Eddie watched, but is quite used to me getting down on my tummy to photograph dogs, so just kept an eye on us from a distance.

Will I get a cookie if I behave?

Allie was Sparkle's first encounter with a cat, and fortunately Allie was on her best behaviour.  She says Sparkle passes the cat test, and she even let Sparkle play with her favourite toys.

Ah could whup that little furball with one paw if I wanted to!
(and don't you dare tell the Cats Rule club that I let her play with my toys!)

We took a bunch of photos  - half of them with a lens filter on which silly me forgot to remove - and here's just a few of them:

I'z gettin' sleepy

Being a model is hard work, especially after an afternoon walking the seawalk, so eventually our little girl snuggled on her mama's lap and drifted off to sleep.

I loves my Mama Marie!
Sparkle and Marie, it was a pleasure to meet you.  Come again soon!


EvenSong said...

Ironically, my favorite "Sparkle" is the first B&W one. Precious!

Marie said...

I'm hard pressed to say which picture of Sparkle is my favorite, you are such a good photographer.Thanks for the visit, Jean, we hope to see you all soon.

Pauley James said...

Sparkle is gorgeous! So happy that she found a loving home.

georgia little pea said...

Glad Sparkle is out of that puppy mill business. I recognise the expression in that shot of Eddie LOL. "I've been good, give me one." Riley's mum must be coming home soon. What a holiday he's had with you! X

Jean said...

I think my favourite is the first B&W one, too, Evensong - strangely, the colour version of it wasn't very good. The other favourite of mine is the very last one.
Marie, when you get back home, I'll send you copies of these plus a few more I didn't post.
GLP, Riley still has about two or three weeks here - she probably goes home sometime during the first week of February. I bet she'll be glad to see Deb - Riley might have to drag her down to see the new sea walk before they leave though. Riley so enjoys her time down there.