Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter has arrived!

This is my Christmas tree, which is on my patio where no dogs can get into it, no cats can pull it over, and I can still enjoy it through my sliding glass doors. The decorations are all weatherproof, and the lights are so pretty at night.

And yes, that white stuff on it is snow. Real snow, not the stuff in a can.

Snow?  On Vancouver Island?  In Crofton, the most moderate climate in Canada?


Spring can arrive any time now.


georgia little pea said...

Weatherproof ornaments? REAL snow? Wow! I love the piggies and dogs too. Stay warm X

Dawn said...

Jean, this is the perfect way to have a Christmas tree! Looks like you have the tree all year 'round, so no shopping and worrying about cutting one.

No needles in the house, no taking up space in the house, yet it is right there for you to enjoy. You know the tree is happy, even enjoying the snow on it's branches.

Marie said...

Love your Christmas tree however, if I did that up here in the Interior, it would be possibly buried soon!
Have fun in the snow, the little guy will love it!

Erika said...

Very pretty tree!!

Christina said...

Hello I see you love shelties. I hope it's ok to post here.

Sushi is a large Sheltie-X type 50lbs? in Nanaimo who is a lovely dog, but killed a senior cat that she wasn't socialized to. The owner doesn't want her and is planning on euthanizing her TODAY! I'm trying to buy her some time. She's a very friendly dog, goes for lots of car rides and greets strangers by licking them to death. Does anyone have a temporary spot (or permanent!) for her?

Please help Sushi make it to Christmas

Jean said...

Christina, you haven't provided any contact info and I can't find anything about Sushi on any online sites. If this is a legitimate comment, contact me via the 'email' at the side of this blog.
My primary suggestion is to see if they will surrender her to the SPCA. There are also some rescues on the island, and a sheltie rescue on the mainland.
Unfortunately, Christmas is a time when many owners dump their dogs so shelters and rescues are often busting at the seams and may not have room. You may need to take her in yourself or find a friend to do so (I have a cat so won't consider it).
If she is otherwise healthy and of good temperment, no reputable vet will euthanize her.