Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pigdate Update

Remember this little girl?

Dover, November 2011
(c) Jean Ballard 2011

Her name then was Dover, and she was a teeny tiny piggy  from an SPCA seizure when we first met her. I wrote about her in November 2011 when I was fostering her for a few days.  You'll find the start of those posts here, then click 'newer post' at bottom of that page to continue reading her tale for the next several days.

Well, her name is now Olivia, and she is doing great!  Here's some recent pics of her with her friend Larry the Llama.

Olivia and Larry

Sharing a treat of yummy bread

I am one lucky pig!

She looks like a very contented piggy, and as beautiful as ever. I do love happy endings.

(Updated photos taken by her adoptive family, and provided to me by the SPCA, with permission to post - Thanks!)


Pauley James said...

So happy for Dover/Olivia!! My hearts warms remembering your posts about her.

georgia little pea said...

Awww x10. I love happy endings. You could send their story to one of those Discovery programmes about unusual animal friendships. Olivia :D What a ladylike name. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Boy.. not much... cuter than a baby pig.
I followed her time with you on your blog with great interest & amusement.
I am glad to see that she is in a caring home -as I am sure you are too!

CAPB said...

That's lovely! Thank you for sharing the happy ending with us. She looks so happy in her new home.