Monday, December 24, 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas 2012

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Not a creature was stirring
‘cept the computer mouse.

The stockings were hung
On the winerack with care
In hopes that Saint Nicholas
Might notice them there.

With cookies for Santa
Having gone to the dog,
And the milk lapped by Allie,
That kitty cat hog,

The only way Santa might
Decide to stop by
Is to bribe him with Scotch
Or a stiff drink of rye.

The dogs are both hoping
Christmas morning they’ll see
Some biscuits for them and
A chew stick -- or three.
"Temptations" for kitty and
Catnip toys too,
And even a present for Jean,
One or two.

So with Eddie in his bow tie
And Riley in bells,
And Allie, the cat, sniffing
Kitty-nip smells,

Ah hopes I'm back on Santa's "Nice" list! 

Do I look like one of the Three Wise Dogs in this?
Or is Auntie Jean being a Wise Guy?

We’ll wish Merry Christmas
To all cyberspace,
To canines and felines and
The whole human race,
To piggies and ferrets and
Our wild friends too,
Warm beds and good food and
Merry Christmas to you!


Dawn said...

Jean, you brought me and mine a welcome smile this Christmas eve. Enjoy your lovely critters tomorrow and every day. And please keep writing about them for the rest of us!

Marie said...

Merry christmas to you and those four legged friends!

georgia little pea said...

Don't let the children hear this but i'm sure Santa would rather have some scotch than milk. Riley, what can I say mate? X