Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Eddie!

It was one year ago today that I went up island to pick up Eddie and welcomed him to my family.

I confess, at first I wasn't sure we were a good fit.  Despite having been debarked years before, he was the barkiest dog I have ever lived with.  I felt like I was living with someone who was constantly yelling at me - not a pleasant feeling.  He earned the nickname Mr. Bossy Boots.

 I am a Superhero!
In control of the world!

But he had many great qualities as well.  He took to walking like a duck to water, despite not having been on walks for at least six years of his eight year life.  When tired from exercise, he settled well in the house, and he is an independent little guy who is happy to lie in the same room with me while I give attention to more needy dogs in my care.  He is good with the cat, and clean in the house.  And I was committed to him from the get-go.

Chilling out with his sister Sadie and foster brother Petey

Over the year, his personality has blossomed and he has become a character.  Though he still has his moments of barkiness, he knows when I mean business, and I have learned to anticipate those moments and distract him before they start.  He's a great little hiker, a quick learner (at least, when treats are involved!), and a good companion to dogs, cats, and people.

Eddie and his friend Sadie B
on West Escarpment Way trail

He's made many friends, canine and human.    He's said goodbye to Sadie (who passed away in June) and Petey (who moved to another foster home in June, and recently passed away), and welcomed visiting dogs like Georgi, Sadie B, Sasha, Noon, Riley and Taleah.   He's met pigs at the pig sanctuary, travelled to the Okanagan, gone camping, and graduated with honours from doggy school.  He's had a busy first year with me, and we both look forward to many more.

Eddie in the Okanagan
Eddie loves camping -
visiting in houses and apartments, not so much!

Graduating with Honours
from Cowichan Canine's Foundations Programme

Happy Gotcha Day, Eddie.  I'm so glad I gotcha!


georgia little pea said...

Happy gotcha day, Eddie! You've done so well training your human! Next year...stairs and elevators. No ifs no buts. I bet you'll find lots of treats Up There.

Is that a crate I see? It looks IDENTICAL to mine. Please tell TT it isn't the one that costs 200 in your lovely part of the world? She's having kittehs.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations On you Gotga Day Jean and Eddie. You will have something to celebrate this New Year.
Maybe 2013 will be the year you master the stairs.


Beverley said...

What a wonderful story. Have only found this blog recently, so didn't know Eddies's history.

Best wishes to you, and Eddie in 2013!

Hugs to you both plus a super big one to Riley, one gorgeous collie!


Jean said...

GLP, the crate in the camping picture would be much too small for Georgia, and it came with Eddie from his old home. However, that type of crate here, in the XL size for Georgia, costs around $150 - $175, depending on the store. Sometimes cheaper when they are on sale. Definitely not the $400 you paid in Styrlia!

Yes, Else and GLP, Eddie's New Year's Resolution will be to master indoor stairs!

Glad you found the blog, Beverley! A big Hello to Reo and Angel from Eddie and Riley.

Anita said...

Happy New Year to you and your critters -- present, future, and ones you care for in between.
They're all lucky to have you Mama Jean.

Pauley James said...

Happy late Gotcha day!!! I can't believe it has been a year already.