Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Riley Reindeer and Sheltie Santa

Riley:   Mom! How could you leave me here
with this crazy woman? I'm so humiliated!

Eddie:  I thinks I looks handsome in mah new hat!

Riley: I don't get it.  How come HE gets to be Santa Paws 
and I gotta wear these dumb antlers? Ah sure better
find extra treats in my stocking this year!


CAPB said...

Aw they both look gorgeous! Happy Christmas, Jean, and all the very best for 2013. And thank you for such wonderful reading and viewing all year long :)

georgia little pea said...

Greetings from Clybucca gas station Eddie and Riley! We are stopping for gas. You poor sods you. I'm sure there'll be plenty of treats for this indignity. Hugs X

Anonymous said...

Good morning from rain soaked Nova Scotia.I enjoy your blog and pictures of beautiful B.C and of course the dogs.I have 3 dogs and read many blogs but your's is my favourite.Have a merry Christmas and we wish you all the best in 2013. John, Ellen, Sweet pea, Muggins and Lady Ga Ga.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE Mama Jean, don't do this to me next Christmas!!!


Jean said...

Mitzi, not to worry - the hat and the antlers will both be too big for wee little you!

Mark said...

It's OK Eddie and Riley this is just for one time a year. You should she what the poor Royals have to go through, their Mummy has them dressed up for every occasion and it's not just headwear.

You both look very festive. Have a great Xmas and a wonderful new year, you too Mama/Aunty Jean.

Mark, Del and the Royals

Pauley James said...

Pauley wants to know why he looks goofy in his Christmas pics & you all look beautiful?

Jean said...

That's because Pauley is a goofy younger dog, unlike our more staid seniors. But we think he looks very debonair in his photos!

Anonymous said...

My poor collie princess! Oh the indignity!! Riley I feel your pain. However, it's pretty minor considering how kind Auntie Jean has been to take you in. I know you will be gracious under these trying circumstances, just as any true princess would be.


Anonymous said...

HaHaHa Eddie and Riley I feel for you. I'm glad my head is too big to fit the reindeer antlers. Mama tried but it was a No Go
yur friend Tanner.