Monday, December 24, 2012


I have five days in front of me with not a single commitment except walking the dogs.  Five days to sit around in my pj's as late as I want (or, at least, until the dogs insist we go out), to listen to music, to read for hours on end (currently finishing up Affinity by Sarah Waters, and about to start Y by Marjorie Selona), to play on the computer or watch favourite Christmas movies.

I've bought a few treats and made a few favourites - the spiced nuts are in a bowl out of Sir Eddie's extra-long reach; my Christmas trifle is in the fridge alongside mandarin oranges and fancy cheeses and thick, rich, coffee-flavored Greek yogurt.

I've done my last volunteer shift of the year at Chemainus Theatre Festival, feasted on turkey and all the trimmings at a neighbour's where we also sang Christmas carols around the tree to the accompaniment of our host's ukulele. I've boo'd the Bad Witch and cheered the Good Fairy at the pantomime at Ladysmith Little Theatre, and ridden the train round the brightly decorated 100 acres of the BC Forest Discover Centre. 

The Discovery Forest Train pulls into the station

A Christmas Tree adorns one of the forestry buildings

Lights cover the trees and buildings

I've visited my mom, and Emma, and friends on the mainland.

Mom gets ready to enjoy the Christmas buffet
at her care home.

And I've downloaded dozens of photos from that amazing sunset cruise home.  Just looking at them brings a feeling of calm to my mind and a smile to my face.

The setting sun lights up Vancouver as we leave the mainland

Cormorants line the pilings to bid us farewell

Pulling away from the dock

An incoming ferry emerges from the rosy haze of sunset

Sunset through a metal grid on the ferry
(Strangely, one of my favourite shots of the trip!)

Blue skies turn to yellow

Sunset in the Strait

Riley and Eddie and I are enjoying walks in weather that is really not too bad - a bit drizzly but with enough dry spells for some really nice walks, and mild enough temperatures that even the wet walks aren't a hardship.  Perhaps tomorrow we'll head to the park.

Or maybe I'll  just sleep late, eat well, walk the sea walk, and curl up with a good book and two good dogs. And then I'll help them hang up their stockings.  Just in case Santa drops by with treats for them. If they've been good.

Well, geez, I hope there's a stocking and some goodies fer me!
I didn't get all dressed up fer nothin' ya know!

Edited to add:  by the time I posted this, it was just past midnight, so the date shows up as Dec 24th.  But I was writing it on the 23rd.  So, no, I'm not crazy saying the dogs might hang their stockings 'tomorrow' night.  Tomorrow has become today.....


georgia little pea said...

12.04 am and still awake. The life of a blogger. The lights are so pretty, and your cruise. I love the shot with the ferry coming in. But you know what's going to stick in my mind?

Trifle and coffee flavoured Greek yogurt. My god. I can't imagine what that yogurt must taste like. Yum.

Have a great Christmas Jean. I think I might already have said that in your last post LOL. It's past 6 pm here on the eve and I'm still on the iPad. Crazy blogger. My brother is rolling his eyes at me :) x

EvenSong said...

Heading over to Spokane today to spend the holiday with the grandkids, but other than that, not much on the horizon for the rest of the break--one little fencing project to finish (as if fencing is EVER finished), and I want to do a major rehab of my dining area/computer office/junk room! That, and just hang out...

EvenSong said...

Oh, forgot to say, Merry Christmas to you and all your critters!

Caroline said...

Merry Christmas to you and your cozy little family Jean!

Jean said...

Hey, GLP, I think it is now Christmas where you are - hope you are having a good one!
Evensong! I was just thinking about you this morning and wondering where you'd gotten to - you've stopped blogging! Enjoy the grandkids.
Merry Christmas to you too, Caroline.

Pauley James said...

Enjoy the time to yourself & may you all have a blessed Christmas.