Saturday, December 29, 2012

One last Christmas photo...

....before I start taking the decorations down.  I forgot to post this picture, taken Christmas night.

Riley and Eddie
Christmas 2012


georgia little pea said...

How does everyone do it! I tried on 2 separate sessions to get a picture of G in front of our tree and all I got were funny off takes.

Diane said...

Winston is my grandpig. My daughter was broken hearted to let him leave her but the situation was not possible. We love Winston and are following him as he journies forward. I sent your blog to Winstons uncle and cousin and they are so glad he is happy. My daughter hasn't really stopped crying and she knows she cannot visit him as it might upset his calm. All he needed was a little time to get through his terrible twos. Diane Willis
ps. Winston will always be a Willis