Sunday, December 9, 2012

For those near and far.....

For those who live near:

There is an awesome Craft and Bake sale going on today at the Cowichan and District SPCA - incredibly low prices on some great dog stuff like coats and placemats, stockings and blankets, as well as some great human goods too.  As for the baking - well, you can get cookies and squares and tarts and loaves and you can mix and match - great stuff, and I've already taste-tested some of what I brought home.  I came away with two big shopping bags, one of baked goods and one of craft stuff, for about $30 total!


And if you have room in your house and your heart for a dog, they also have some really great ones there.  While I don't recommend adopting at Christmas (unless, of course, you are not having company, not going out a lot, and are just sitting home alone in a peaceful environment with nothing to do but get to know your new best friend), do check them out and fill in an application. 

Here's a link to a video that Sadie B's mom Gail, SPCA volunteer extraordinaire, put together this week showcasing our current shelter dogs.  (I tried to upload it here, but can't get it to work in Blogger).  

And for those far away: 

Ever wonder what Vancouver Island looks like?  My friend Ann sent me this link to an aerial tour of the south half of the island, starting about a thirty minute drive north of here, going down Saltspring Island just across Osborne Bay, looping around BC's capitol city of Victoria, back up the west side of the island, and across Cowichan Lake (30 minutes west of here)  and back to the Nanaimo airport.  It's a twenty minute video, but worth watching - the best part showcasing our beautiful Cowichan Valley starts around half way through.  Videographer and pilot is John Veale.   Enjoy! 

Note of interest:  about 30% of my regular blog readers are from other countries - USA, Australia, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Germany, Phillipines, and I'm sure I've forgotten some;  and another 20% are from other provinces in Canada; and about 35% from mainland BC.  About fifteen percent of my regular readers are island folks).

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georgia little pea said...

You got me at baked goods! I went to a friend's wedding on Saturday followed by our annual street party that night and totally disgraced myself by snarfling 3 pieces of butter cake with lemon glazing and a slice of pavlova. This is going to be a bad holiday, diet wise! 30 dollars is very reasonable for 2 bags of goodies.

Cushion is still sleeping so I will have to watch your vid another time. I'm impressed that you have such precise figures for your readership!