Saturday, December 15, 2012

No words suffice

Coming home from a short trip to the mainland yesterday, the ferry captain came over the speakers and said something like "We are in for a beautiful sunset. After such a terrible morning, take some time to watch it - it is almost spiritual."

I thought her words strange, as the weather that morning had not been too bad. I spent the next hour photographing the beauty around me.   I didn't know then of the tragedy that had occurred in Newtown, Connecticut.  Twenty seven women and children killed by a young man - sixteen of them just six years old, another four only seven years old.  A community reeling with grief.  Families forever changed.

I cannot wrap my head around it.  No words suffice.

For the women and children who will never see another sunset.  
For the families who are left to mourn. 
These photos are dedicated to them.


georgia little pea said...

What has the world come to? And yet, the sunset was beautiful. Hugs X

Marie said...

thanks for your beautiful posting, it says a lot.

Major's mom said...

Thank you Jean for your loving perspective on such a horrific tragedy.

Jeannette StG said...

Well said. No words suffice. We can only pray that comfort and healing will come to these families.