Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two dogs, two walks, two friends

Whenever time and weather permit, I like to walk whatever dogs are in my care one at a time.  It is not only easier, since no two dogs ever seem to want to go the same pace or the same direction or pause at the same time, but it also gives me one-on-one time with them.  I consider that just as important as giving one-on-one time to human siblings, and a great bonding experience.

Today was such a day.  After taking Riley for a very short morning walk, I bundled Eddie into the van and headed to Chemainus Lake, where we had arranged to walk with Gail and Sadie B.  The morning was overcast but dry, and the 2.5 km path around the lake, all offleash, turned into about 4 km for the dogs as they raced back and forth.  On the far side of the lake, the shade and the higher elevation brought us to a small section of snowy trail.  It didn't slow Eddie and Sadie B down in the least:

This is fun!

After our walk, I came home, ate lunch, took care of a few chores, and looked outside to see a beautiful sunny afternoon.  I grabbed Riley's leash, and together we headed to the beach. The new seawalk extension is now unofficially open, and this was my chance to walk the full length. (Eddie, he-who-is-scared-of-new-things, is still at the stage of being encouraged to set all four paws on the new extension.  So far, he has made it about four feet of the way across before trying to bolt back in the direction from which he came.  We make a wee bit of progress each day).

First we walked the familiar part of the sea walk.  I've shown photos of it many times,  but I  couldn't resist photographing this photographer on it today:

A popular spot for photographers!

Then we paused along the gravel berm and path that fronts the RV park.  Riley posed prettily for a photoshoot here. I love this photo of her!

Riley on the beach

We followed the path to the other side of the RV park, where the new sea walk extension begins.  Riley had no hesitation about crossing it, and we paused half way to watch some ducks.

Wigeons, I think. 

The far end of the new extension takes us to "Crofton Beach Park", with its whiter sand, where Charley and I used to go to sit quietly on the beach. Riley liked the beach as well, so we hung around for a bit enjoying the view - the ducks and geese and otters, the boats moving in and out of the harbour, the barges being towed from the mill.

North (RV park, or Glenhurst Rd) end of new Seawalk Extension

South (Crofton Beach Park, or Berridge Road) end
of new Seawalk Extension

Looking across at the marina

Riley and I returned home, and within minutes both dogs had settled for an afternoon nap.  Together.  For the first time. How sweet is that?

Two tired dogs
(Riley isn't hogging the bed - Eddie prefers the floor)


Marie said...

Jean, I enjoyed the photos on your posting this morning of the new extension to the sea walk.
My brother lives on Cinnabar Place and I have walked the original sea walk many times. I hope to be in your area in January and will for sure come there to walk along the new extension with Sparkle, I hope I see you and your precious dogs.
Happy New Year!

Anita said...

I thoroghy approve of your lifestyle Jean and love reading your blog..... a nice way to start each day. Thee and me are on the wame wavelength, and any dogs in your care are very, very lucky.
I hope 2013 continues to be a good year for you.
Love you.

georgia little pea said...

Eddie, Eddie. Slow and steady :)

Your new seawalk is nice! I love the picture of the marina with the bit of blue sky X