Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coyote Concert

I swear every coyote in southwestern BC is congregated around my property tonight (or rather, this morning, seeing as it is after midnight as I post this - despite what the time on the blog says. For some reason it is out by an hour). And they are having one heck of a party out there. If coyotes have rock concerts, this would be it.

I have been feeling rather dragged out the past few days, and even found myself nodding off while showing a video in class this afternoon. So tonight I made a point of going to bed early after a quiet evening of puttering around. Just as I drifted off into a sound, comfortable slumber, Sadie started barking up a storm right by my ear.

Scraping myself off the ceiling, I shushed her and woke myself up enough to ascertain that bad guys were not breaking into the house. Coyotes. I hear coyotes. That is an everyday sound around here (or everynight sound), though usually just one or two. Tonight it sounds like there are dozens out there. I roll over and attempt to get back to sleep again.

A half hour later I had finally fallen asleep and, once again, I am awakened by Sadie. Only this time, the noise outside is unbelieveable - howling and squealing and screaming and yipping loud enough to be heard over Sadie's frantic barking. Concerned that the coyotes had gotten into the barn, I pulled on jacket and boots and raced outside to check everyone is safe. I can hear coyotes in the pasture and in the neighbouring field, as well as more in the federal lands across the road. The piggies are fine, and Martin the alpaca wasn't even disturbed enough to stand up and check out the action.

There's nothing so jolting to the system as tearing around outside at midnight in one's pjs on a cold, crisp, noisy night.

I went back to bed. I tossed. I turned. I read. I planned my retirement. I plotted out my life for the next twenty years (it starts with me winning a lottery.......), and I tossed and turned some more. Twice more the coyotes' concert broke the sound barrier - I don't know what the kids call it, but I had visions of one sexy coyote being passed over the heads of the others on her way to the screaming Coyote Rock Band on stage. A mosh?

And now, wide awake, I have given up on sleep, turned the lights back on, turned the furnace back up, and will continue puttering until I can putter no more. Heaven knows what my class will be like tomorrow. I wonder if I can find a three hour video and just sleep through the whole thing?

Next time the coyotes decide to have a party, I hope they send out a notice to warn their neighbours. It's the polite thing to do.


shihtzustaff said...

We get them here too. Plus, for added variety and excitement, there are also screech owls1

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what is going on in Coyote land but they have been noisier than ever here too.Is this coyote mating season? Maybe they are just telling the cold to go away so the mice will come out from under the snow.

I actually can see a patch of brownish grass now and there is a strange bright yellow-white ball in the sky!

Big Sis and the bear

Anonymous said...

Poor you. I've only hear coyotes on the TV as we don't have any on VI. They sure can make quite a racket.
Did you find that 3 hr video and have a nice snooze in class. I guess it will be an early night tonight.


Black Jack's Carol said...

I smiled at that video moment, because I've been there. On those sleep-deprived days, I always manage fine if I'm actively teaching, but it's really dangerous to turn the lights down:) If there's another coyote choral performance, maybe you could turn on the video camera and record an excerpt. It would have made me nervous to hear it first hand (because of Black Jack), but it must have been amazing.