Saturday, January 3, 2009

Morning Report

It is snowing. Again. Still. End of Report.

Today I must venture out in it as Oliver has a vet appointment - he has developed a growth on his lip which needs to be checked out. Hopefully it is just a wart or something equally benign. Charley has been having bowel problems for several weeks now, so I am also taking in a stool sample for testing before putting her through more rigorous testing. Sadie's results from blood tests earlier this week should be back - just a check on her previous off-the-wall thyroid and liver counts to see if we have her at the right level of meds. Between the vet and Rob the Plowman, the budget is blown for this month.

And I'm down to one half bale of hay and one half bale of straw, so that means I better pick up a couple of bales of each (all that can fit in my vehicle) until I find someone with a truck and a cost-efficient supply to bring in a larger quantity. With the continual snow and cold, I am going through much more than I customarily would.

Off to feed barn crew and shovel yet another path through the white stuff.


Hunde Haus said...

Just took a gander at all your photos of the last week Jean...stunning. Simply stunning.

The beauty of it all, that is why I love the snow.

But like you, I am freaking done with it. :)

Patience-please said...

Taking care of the horses in the cold of Maryland (snow, ice, and/or mud) is what made living in the city look appealing to me. I hope it warms up soon for you!