Friday, January 16, 2009

Our Mama is LEAVIN' us!!!!

By Sadie

Our mama is goin' away! Well not for good, just for the weekend. And Auntie Ellen and the whippet boyz are going to stay at our house to look after everyone.

Allie is not pleased because the whippet boyz chase her so she has to stay up in the attic room. And Charley will be pissed if the whippet boyz steals her beds or crates – there’s a lot of competition for the favourite beds around here as it is. But Kinley, Whippet the Younger, is usually more interested in booting Belle out of her basket than tangling with Charley. And I don'tz mind sharing the couch wiv a whippet or two.

Our mama hasn’t spent a night away from the critters in years and years and years. Charley says a long time ago, Charley and Emma used to go stay with a friend on a goat farm when mama went away. And the only time mama went away in the three years she’s lived here, she took Charley with her (that was to meet Caleb, before Oliver and Belle and I came to live here). But since the piggies arrived 18 months ago, she hasn’t spent a single night away.

She won’t admit it but I think she might secretly be looking forward to having the whole bed to herself, and not being woken up at 5:30 AM by four dogs and a cat, and not having to trudge out to the barn to scoop poop and haul water and feed piggies and ‘pacas. But I’m betting she is going to miss us something terrible!

Why is our mama going away, you ask? She is goin’ to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island to look at the place that might be our next home when she retires later this year. Charley has been there before, because that's where Caleb came from and she got to go over there to meet him before my mama adopted him. Charley says there are some great off-leash parks and beaches and places to go for hikes. I thinks I would like that!

Oh, and Auntie Ewwen? Just in case mama forgot to tell you, we dogs get alllllll the treats we wants - at least six or seben cookies each, sebenteen times a day.

Love Sadie


Kate said...

Good luck with the house hunting!
I know the place you end up choosing, will be picture perfect for you and your gang, our loss in the lower mainland, will be the islands gain, lookout Van Isl!! the critters are comin'
Lucy, Finn, and Lady Grayce

Hunde Haus said...

Have fun, sleep in, and relax! You've earned it most assuredly.

Crossing my fingers you find the most perfect spot for you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Now Sadie I think you are exagerating a bit about the amount of cookies you are allowed.
You are right about the great place to hike and the dog parks though. You will love it.
Your Mom and I had great fun hunting for the exact right place for you all.

Else, Archie, Hugo and Tessa