Friday, January 2, 2009

Country Roads and Wooden Fences

Still snowed in, the critters get little exercise, and photo opportunities or funny stories about them are scarce. But.......with blue sky above and brilliant sun sparkling on the snow, the landscape is mesmerizing and jaw-dropping. Here's just a few shots taken on my property or from the road in front:

The property has many old woooden fences and gates around the yard and pasture:

I love this gnarled old horse chestnut tree across the road from my house. It was badly damaged in a storm last year, so several limbs were topped for safety - but it is still beautiful. I look at it and see barefoot children climbing its intricate boughs in summer.

And one shot of the hills to the east, taken just before sunset:


Patience-please said...

I left my dream - a small farm, horses, beautiful sunsets - to move to this southern city. Big old house, corner lot, neighbors. This was my husband's dream, and it was his turn.
I can't quite breathe here.

Janice Gillett said...

Its snowing like mad here and over night another 3 inches or so and on top of yesterdays .

I am glad your posting Jean so i can see the beauty threw the snow again.

And to our Patience -please blogger i think you need to get back home. ;o))