Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Downside of Canine Care

Sick dogs are like sick little kids - they can't really tell you how they feel, it's hard for them to control their bodily functions, and you feel so helpless.

After several weeks of Charley being sick, I finally got her innards functioning properly. Oliver had a bout of tummy problems for one day. And now Sadie has the worst case of all.

I came home Friday night to find wall-to-wall-to-wall poop-n-puke. I knew it had to be one of the big dogs just by the volume, but all the dogs seemed fine - eager to eat, eager to go outside, eager to bug me for pats and cuddles and bellyrubs.
I obediently did their bidding, dosing them all with some Pepto Bismol and slippery elm (collies cannot have Imodium as it contains an ingredient which is toxic to approximately 50% of the breed) and then spent the rest of the evening shampooing rugs, washing dog beds, and disinfecting crates. The smell alone was enough to clear the city.

I woke up to another mess this morning, and spent the first two hours shampooing rugs, washing dog beds, and disinfecting crates. I gave both big dogs just a little boiled rice for breakfast as I still wasn't sure which one was sick. There were no telltale signs on their fur, they both were active and alert, and we all had a nice morning walk.

I was out for the afternoon, as a friend and I went to Gallery 7's production of Crossing Delancy - a great little story, well cast and well acted. When I arrived home, I opened the door barely an inch before I knew I faced Sh*tsplosion Number Three. This time Sadie came flying out the door, and deposited enough liquid manure on my fields to make a farmer proud.

So at least I know which one is sick. Now if I could just explain to her why she can't have any dinner - in fact, nothing for 24 hours. She is a girl who likes her food! She is not a happy camper, and a little watered down fat-free chicken broth with another Pepto Bismol just didn't make the grade. It was Not-Dinner. Poor girl.

I have some really cute piggy videos I took Friday morning when the piggies and I enjoyed a few sunny hours playing in the front yard. When I catch up on all the cleaning and get Sadie's troubles tamed, I'll upload them to the blog.

But right now, I'm off to shampoo carpets, wash dog beds, and disinfect crates.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Jean, cleaning up after a sick dog twice in short succession is depressing, but you write about it with so much wit, I can only admire the descriptive humor and talent. Hope Sadie will be much better tomorrow.

Hunde Haus said...

Awww geez, poor Sadie! ( of course you too Jean! )

Sick dogs are the most heart wrenching, for me. Big sad eyes...*sigh*

shihtzustaff said...

I have one word for you: laminate.

Once you have it in you never look back and everything cleans up with a mop. Just get good stuff so it can stand up to being washed a lot.

Jean said...

The problem with laminate is that I end up with at least two dogs doing the "Bambi on Ice" routine - the kitchen floor is enough of a challenge for them! landlord will never go for it (plus it would be awfully cold in this particular house which sits on an uninsulated dirt crawlspace).
Alas, I shall forever be shampooing carpets and replacing them when they are just too disgusting.
After four times in three days, the liquid manure seems to have come to a halt. Touch wood. We'll see what happens when I start introducing her regular food again.

Anonymous said...

Poor poor Sadie. I hope she is feeling better. For both her and your sake Jean.