Monday, January 26, 2009

Mom, can we keep him?

Charley and Sadie: Look at this nice guy we found at the gate this morning! Can we keep him?

Mean mama: No. We can't keep every dog that shows up on our property without any humans.

Charley: But mom....he's a BORDER COLLIE, like Sadie and me!


Mean Mama: NO. Two border collies and two shelties (not to mention 12 potbellied pigs, an alpaca and a cat) are quite enough.

Red and White Border Collie: I won't be any trouble. I play nicely with others. And you have VERY nice dried liver treats. I would like it here.

Mean mama: I'm sorry, but NO.

Oliver: And he's red and white, like Belle and me!

Besides we need another boy dog around here!

Mean Mama: NO.

Red and white border collie: I will pledge you my undying devotion.

The Princess (making A Royal Proclamation): He should stay!

Mean, mean Mama: NO. WE HAVE ENOUGH DOGS! You are a very nice dog, Red-and-White-Border-Collie. And I'm sorry your humans didn't put an ID tag on you or keep you safe. You have been hanging around here all morning. But you cannot stay. Mission Animal Control will find your humans. I'm sorry. It was nice meeting you. You are an absolutely lovely boy.

Charley: You're mean, mom.

Guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Belle, "He should stay!"

Of course I know that's not doable.

Assuming Mission A/C is a "good" place for a stray dog to land??


Jean said...

Sharon, Mission Animal Control is awesome - they are very good to their dogs, and very kind people. I think the dog does live in this area somewhere, as I've seen him wandering around before though never on my property. Hopefully, his people cared enough to call MAC and to bail him out. I certainly didn't hear anyone calling out a dog's name in the neighbourhood and don't see any signs up.

Mrs.C said...

Awww, keep him! He is adorable, and reminds me of my Daddy's dog.

Black Jack's Carol said...

What a sweet face! Loved the story. How did you ever resist?

dp said...

I agree that Mission Animal Control is pretty awesome. We donated a bunch of food last summer (I am constantly winning it at flyball, but I feed raw) and I was touched to get a hand-written Christmas card from them when winter rolled around.