Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sagacious Sadie: The Stranger

Sadie wrote this column for the online newspaper a bit over a week ago, but due to a glitch in the system it didn't get posted until this weekend. Just after writing it, Sadie also became very ill. Both dogs are well over their problems now, and thankfully we have not seen the stranger since we confronted him and I took his picture.

(For those unfamiliar with "links", just click on the words "this column" and it will take you right to Sadie's article in Abbotsford Today.)

I apologize for the sparsity of new blog entries this week - the semester is heating up, we had another snowfall and my plowman is away, and I have a number of other pots on the fire, so blogging time has been scarse. More to come soon!

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