Sunday, January 4, 2009


(Photo provided by emg)

My very dear friend, Else, who matched me with my heartdog Caleb, has this morning lost her heartdog. Beautiful, beautiful Sophie took a few steps outside this morning and collapsed and died - likely a heart attack.

Sophie contracted cryptococcus several years back, near her home on Vancouver Island. Else stood by her every step of the way, and through thousands and thousands of dollars of vet bills, to fight this horrible illness and Sophie, while still carrying crypto, was in maintenance mode and one very happy, lively dog.

Else, my heart goes out to you and my face is wet with tears. Just as my Caleb's spirit is always with me, I know that Sophie's spirit will always be with you. And Caleb will watch for her at the Rainbow Bridge, where they will both be waiting for us.

Sophie, run free, beautiful girl. Your mama's heart is broken today - breathe your soft breath on her cheek to let her know you are nearby.

May memories and friends help comfort you, Else. You and Sophie are in my thoughts and prayers today.

Love, Jean


Anonymous said...

Oh Else, I am heartbroken for you. What a beauty your Sophie was...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jean for posting the wonderful tribute to Sophie.
I love you for your friendship and your kindness.
god bless you.

thank you also to Ellen for her lovely note.

Anonymous said...

Dear Else,

I am so, so sorry for your loss. RIP beautiful Sophie.