Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sagacious Sadie and other stuff

Here's the link to Sadie's latest column in Abbotsford Today: http://www.abbotsfordtoday.ca/?cat=131 or just click here.

Sadie would like the snow to disappear from the pasture so she can resume her adventures. Just before the snows arrived a month ago, we had several sightings of a Grey Wolf (aka timberwolf) on the property. That was a bit scary, as Grey Wolf seemed to be living under one of the bushes and even though I walked the fields before letting the dogs in, I did not see him until Sadie flushed him out and took chase. Thank goodness he ran away! I am hoping that he has now moved on and doesn't return. I shall do a thorough search of the fields before taking the dogs out there once the snow is down to a manageable level. One good thing about snow - I'll be able to spot the tracks!

I saw a timberwolf my first winter here, and have not seen one since - until this year. They are not common here, but we are within their range. I got a good look at him (a wee bit too close for comfort) so it's a definite ID. I was really hoping he was just a large dark coyote. Once Grey Wolf appeared, the coyotes disappeared - chased out of their own turf, perhaps?

I couldn't catch Grey Wolf with my camera, but he looks identical to this picture from Wikipedia:

It's pretty quiet around here as far as wildlife goes - no deer or coyotes or bear in all this snow. I put up some bird feeders during the worst of the wintery weather, and have seen an amazing array of birds stop by: chickadees, juncos, towhees, downy woodpeckers, hairy woodpeckers, varied thrush, flickers, cedar waxwing, Stellar Jays, pine siskins, and two beautiful yellow birds that I couldn't identify as I spotted them just as they flew away - perhaps grosbeaks or warblers though it is the wrong time of year to see them.

The canine crew finally got to the groomers yesterday - all four of them at once - so they now look and smell wonderful thanks to Samantha at Markeydas Grooming in Langley. Of course, around here at Slush/Mud/Snow Central Farms, they won't stay clean for very long!

Charley is up to her "scratch the back door to make mom come running" routine as she thinks it is time for me to feed the dogs......and she's right. Time to get the show on the road and gear up for another day at the salt mines.


Karen said...

I was wondering where all my birds went...apparently they're hanging out at your house. I had no idea wolves were so local for you...I saw a beauty near Williams Lake not long ago.

Anonymous said...

I can feel for you. They are beautiful creatures. Having a wolf around is a bit scary though as they go after bigger prey. I hope the dogs scared him away for good.
The yellow bird could be the yellow finches. I get them at my feeders.