Sunday, January 25, 2009

A couple of teasers..... show you what I've been doing this weekend (besides cleaning up after Sadie, who seems to be on the mend - touch wood). I took shots of a bunch of puppies in foster care. These cuties were rescued by Turtle Gardens and are being fostered and seeking homes through Bully Buddies - two of my favourite animal rescue organizations. The two bigger dogs here belong to the foster mom, who has two other adult dogs and is fostering TEN very, very active puppies:

Who will be able to resist adopting this guy?:

And I met one of the cutest little donkeys EVER. (Okay, Karen, maybe not quite as cute as Rupert....but you gotta admit he looks pretty special in his Columbo-type trench coat!)

Here he is with his very best horse friend:

I spent a couple of hours with the piggies in my yard so they could get some sunshine and exercise as their pigyard is still one sloped slippery solid sheet of ice. (Excuse the background noise - I was dispersing peanuts in order to encourage them to move about!):

More pig vids and puppy photos to follow when I get caught up on some other, rather important, tasks - like figuring out what to teach in my classes this week.

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Black Jack's Carol said...

I absolutely loved those pictures, Jean. The donkey in his coat. OMG! And the piggie video. That really brought home the reality of your days.