Saturday, September 1, 2012


It's me, Eddie!  Wanna know a secret?  It's my Mama's birfday today!  Yes it is.  I think she is one year old, because our friends Sasha and Liz brought her this yummy chocolate quinoa birfday cake (which my mama thinks is the bestest cake in the world) and it has a candle on that says "1".

Liz's Ever-So-Famous Quinoa Chocolate Cake

Last night our friends Archie and Else came fer a visit.  Auntie Else fed Archie and me yummy treats.

Archie gets a treat

Eddie gets a treat

There waz a full moon - a blue moon, which mama's sez means it is the second full moon in the same month - an' my mama tried to get a photo of it.

Blue-ooo Moooooon

But mostly they sat around and guzzled drank wine.  But Mama did get these nice photos of me and of Archie:



On Thursday Sadie B and Gail and me and mama went to Swallowfield.  Sadie likes to swim in the water.

Sadie B fetches a stick

Wet Sadie B

Please throw my stick again!

Beautiful scene at Swallowfield

I like my water in a bowl, not a river

Usually we walk from the river, across the estuary, to where the streams wander into the ocean.  But they had just threshed the fields and I didn't like it - there was lots of prickly thistles - so I plonked myself down and refused to go any further.  Mama said that was okay because of all the prickly thistles, so she took more pictures of me instead.

Being cute

Happy Eddie resting up

Yesterday, me and Mama and Margaret went to Eves Park.  That was fun, too.  But this morning when mama tried to download the photos she discovered her memory card for the little camera is corrupt and don't work no more.  It just says 'Error....Error...Error'.  Well, poop.

Speaking of poop, the only nasty thing about our hike at Swallowfield was all the DOG POOP everywhere along the sides of the path.  It was a mess!    It don't matter that it is to the side of the trail - it STINKS.  An' attracts flies.  And ya step in it when ya picks blackberries. Some lazy people who walk there have not been picking up after their dogs. Shame on them!

But....back to mama's birfday.  She is going over to Salt Spring Island, where her kid is on a cycling/camping  trip with a friend.  They are going to take her out for dinner.  Yum!  Mama sez it will probably be too hot for me to go today in case I have to stay in the car.  Rats!  I hope she brings me a doggy bag.  Oh, wait, it is HER birfday, not mine.  Okay, I guess she can clean the plate herself.  Maybe I'll even send one of my cookies along for her dessert.

Happy birfday, Mama.

Love, Eddie


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jean. There is a card in the snail mail. Hope you have a great day on Salt Spring.
Love to Eddie. See you soon.
Auntie Bev

georgia little pea said...

That's a week worth of birthday celebrations! plus more to come. Very nice :) Ohhh.... I like the look of that quinoa cake! I've never even heard of one before. Yesterday, I had some friends over for brunch and someone baked a lemon polenta cake which was a first for me too. Darn. Wish I could have a slice of that quinoa cake.

Have slovenly trip to the island, Jean and Eddie! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for being my friend :) A BIG hug and some extra kisses XXX

P.S. what do you think of the word iPad inserted in lieu of the one I tried to type... "a lovely"? BOL! It was so funny, I thought I'd leave it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eddie for the update and letting us know it's your Mom's birthday - happy birthday Jean!

Sounds like you're both enjoying our lovely late summer weather, lots of adventures in the beautiful outdoors with friends, and special cake too!

Eddie, you are SO photogenic, as are your pals Archie and Sadie.

Thanks for sharing your secret with us!

Sharon & Taleah

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Jean. Hope the coming year brings many good things your way. Congrats on your publications too!

Caroline said...

Happy Birthday Jean! I think that cute Eddie deserves to share your birthday treats, don't you? Things are best enjoyed wif fwiends!

(there Eddie, I tried, hope it works)

Sheryl said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Jean. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Anonymous said...

Eddie, please wish yer mama a belated happy birthday from me and mine. Wish we'd been there for sum cake.

Yer friend,

CAPB said...

A belated Happy Birthday Jean! I hope you had a great day. And congratulations on your publications, and on your 1000th post on your wonderful blog!