Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post 1001 - No News (or no New Photos) is not Good News

I don't know if I'm having a problem with both cameras, with the card readers, or with the computer (I suspect the computer) but I cannot transfer the photos of Saltspring, or of Eddie and Sadie B at Crofton Lake, or of today's adventure with visitors Bill and Carol and Black Jack ( from the memory card to the camera.  And tomorrow I'll have still more to blog about, as I'm volunteering at the Cowichan Exhibition, where I have also entered six photos in the Photography section.  And Saturday I'm hiking an area I haven't been to before;  and Sunday I'm going out to visit one of our piggy foster moms.  Such photo ops,  but hours and hours and hours of  trying to figure out what is wrong and I'm no closer to a solution.  And I learned my computer guru is no longer here, so I have to find a new one.
And having wasted hours trying to get the photos to download (or is that upload?), it's now too late to write some inspiring, creative, entertaining story instead.  So suck it up, readers, I'll be back when I fix the problem.
As long as the solution doesn't mean buying a new computer.  In which case, I'll be back when I win the lottery.
I hate technology.


Black Jack's Carol said...

Oh Jean, I'm so sorry! I feel your frustration, but what a great visit we had with you and Eddie. You must be the busiest retired person I know, so taking time to show us around your beautiful part of the world was especially appreciated. I'll send you a few photos tomorrow that I took. They wouldn't win any contests but I sure love some of them for the memories and magic moments. Thank you again. I'll be sending the best computer vibes I can come up with, given my technology challenged state.

georgia little pea said...

That must be so frustrating. Hope you havent lost those pics. Cushion would probably call me stoopid for saying something like that. What do I know. Anyway, I hope you get it sorted soon. My Internet connection has been patchy again this week. Very slow to upload blogs to read or to comment. I hate technology too.

Dawn said...

Jean, technology is so nice when it works, and so awful when it doesn't. And losing your computer guru doesn't help at all.

My husband is my computer guru; I bought my first computer from him many years ago - this is how we met. I have told him that he must outlive me!

Best of luck getting a quick and easy answer.