Sunday, September 2, 2012

The last days of summer

The sunrise glows red and yellow a little later in the morn, and the air is crisp with a light breeze.  Eddie and I take a walk on the beach as I watch two river otters performing their ballet through the glassy waters of Osborne Bay.  A kingfisher flashes blue as he rockets past me, waking the world with his morning alarm.

Yesterday.  My birthday.  September 1st.  In my mind, I whisper goodbye to summer even though autumn doesn't really start for three more weeks.  Ah, but it is a beautiful start to a beautiful day, no matter what season it is.

Just before midday, I head to the ferry that links my little piece of heaven on Vancouver Island with another little piece of heaven, Salt Spring Island. I take the big camera as I've been asked to get some specific views of Crofton from the water.  And I click away all day - on the ferry, at Ruckle Park, at Ganges, at the marina where we had dinner, on the ferry coming home. Three hundred twenty three photos.  None of which will upload automatically as it appears my Camera Wizard that uploads and names and numbers them is not working.  Or something.  Four hours of  frustrated attempts, and I resort to doing it manually, one photo at a time.

So the story of my visit to Saltspring, of the beauties of Ruckle Park, of dinner and getting lost on dark island roads and nearly missing the last ferry home......well, all that will have to wait. But it was a very good day.

And just to keep you interested, here are three of my favourite photos from yesterday

Colourful Bike
Outside 'Bruce's Kitchen' restaurant
Ganges, Salt Spring Island
(c) Jean Ballard,  2012

In the marina near Moby's Pub,
Salt Spring Island
(c) Jean Ballard,  2012

Children of Summer
Making memories at Ruckle Park campground
Salt Spring Island
(c) Jean Ballard, 2012


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pics. and I love the portraits of the dogs!
I am sure Elsie will want to frame the one of Archie.
Happy belated Birthday!... and many more to come.

Wendy & Bekka (from Salt Spring)

p.s. you could have stayed here in the spare room if you'd missed the last ferry.

georgia little pea said...

The kiddie shot is my absolute favourite. I thought you'd be away for a few days! I shall be patient X

Jean said...

Wendy! I forgot you live over there! Next time I'll take your phone number with me.
GLP, the roadtrip I'm taking doesn't start until Sept 20 or 21, and then I'll be gone about 10-14 days. Shhhh...I haven't told Allie yet!

Black Jack's Carol said...

Ah, Jean, absolutely lovely photos and I hear you with regards to technical difficulties (right now, it's my printer). I look forward to what I know will be a lively and beautiful account of your trip to Salt Spring.

We are coming over to Salt Spring tomorrow and were hoping to get together with you and Eddie for a walk. I've pm'd you, but am not sure I had the right e-mail address. I couldn't go from the one on your blog as it takes me to a mail site I haven't used for years. (my server's problem, not yours) If you don't receive a message, perhaps you could let me know.

Jean said...

Sent you an email, Carol - sure hope we can get together! said...

Photography is not fair. The images you've created are so arresting as to make reading a source of impatience. But your images are beautiful, and this text-only blogger thanks you for them.

Jean said...

Barry, thank you - but I confess my writing skills have deteriorated since I took up photography! There is a price to pay for picking up a camera.