Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Missing sheltie FOUND

Angie, the visiting sheltie who bolted in Shawnigan Lake Estates two weeks ago, was found alive and well yesterday – running north on the Trans Canada Highway.  She was eventually cornered and just lay down and let herself be picked up.  She is home safely with her mama in the Comox Valley today.

A wonderful happy ending that could have been so tragic.  A good reminder to always keep dogs safe in new surroundings, no matter how bonded they are to us. 

Eddie, take note.  Our upcoming trip to the Okanagan (eight, maybe nine, more sleeps!) will mean considerable time on leash, crated, or x-penned.  You'll get your freedom only when we are back in familiar territory. 


Anonymous said...

Such good news - for Angie and her family!

Thanks Jean for for your help - alerting your numerous "dog contacts" on the island while she was missing, and posting about her on your blog.


Anonymous said...

That is great news. It could so easily have had a different outsome.


georgia little pea said...

I wonder what she ate in those 2 weeks. Quite a survivor. It's a good thing it's not winter up there! What is an x-pen? We have yet to get our crate. There don't seem to be many choices here and we want to get one that's close, if not identical, to the one used in flying.

Jean said...

It's pretty rural here, GLP, so she probably found stuff to forage in barns and outbuildings and fields, as well as berries etc. There's lots of water where she went missing, and often that is all they need to survive for a few weeks. She has lost a few pounds and has sore paws, apparently, but otherwise in good health.
An x-pen is a canine 'exercise pen' - usually eight sections of two-foot-wide wire (like the wire crates) which vary in height from about 18" to 4 feet, and forms a portable fenced enclosure. You can also join some of them together for larger play areas. Very popular here for puppies, dog sports, and camping with dogs.

Black Jack's Carol said...

Great news, Jean! Thanks for letting us know.