Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well, that's it!

I'm almost caught up, other than a kitchen renos post, and I'm determined not to post pics until the last detail is complete.  (The kitchen design company has been signed off, but one thing I'm hiring someone else to do is still pending - he said he'd do it last week, or maybe it was even the week before, but same old story - no word from him, and it will have to wait now until after my vacation).

But the reason for this post is not to whine about kitchen renos.  It is to whine about spam.  I will be reinstating the 'prove you are not a robot' step (sorry, readers!) - thirty four comments in my inbox this morning, every one of them spam.  This is not counting the dozen or so others that went directly to spam and I don't have to look at to verify whether they are legitimate or not. Most of the ones in my indbox are marketing for things I consider offensive, and I'm just not about to let them invade my life.  So the ridiculous scrambled words are back in place.

I will never understand the mentality, rudeness and plain stupidity of spammers.  Do they really get any sales this way?  Are there really bloggers so gullible that they publish the comments and/or go to the websites and buy the merchandise?

Sigh.  Now I'm going to be in a bad mood all day.  Time to walk the dog. Or smell the roses.

Watch the partridge  crow in a pear tree.

Or pick some homegrown tomatoes.

Time to find some balance.
Maybe the spammers should do the same.


ChrisJ said...

Oh those cheeky crows! Hope they left you some fruit.

georgia little pea said...

This is what comes from being a popular blog. You know I'll still be commenting, whatever :) If you don't post again before your vac, have a good one! X

Erika said...

Those look like lovely pears!! Do you know what variety they are?

Jean said...

Erika, they are actually in my neighbour's yard - I just call them "Monica's Pears"! :)
But I think they are Bartletts. When they are fresh on the tree, they look so much nicer than they do by the time they get to market (and taste better too!).

Jean said...

Just adding this as a comment - Eddie and I are on our road trip, and I have been unable to find a wireless connection or to make new posts on blogger from other people's computers. Will try again at the next stop early next week, otherwise see you some time in early October!
Darn technology anyways!